Assessment Pattern of Middle & Senior School

The pattern of assessment dictates the nature of the educational experience and the quality of the relationship between teacher and students.

As per the CBSE guidelines, the Assessments for academic year 2017-18 for classes VI-X would be conducted as per the Pre-Modeled Assessment Structure. There is no Semester System. The school will conduct three Periodic Pen Paper Tests and an Annual Examination. Three Periodic Tests will be known as Pre-Mid-Term/PT-I, Mid-Term/PT-II and Post-Mid-Term/ PT-III. The syllabus covered in each Periodic Test and Annual Examination is as follows:

  • Pre-Mid-Term Test (PT-I) – 25%

  • Post-Mid-Term Test (PT-III) – 75%

  • Mid-Term Test (PT-II) – 50%

  • Annual Examination – 100%

Internal Assessment will comprise of notebook maintenance for 5 marks and subject enrichment activity of 5 marks. 10% weightage of Periodic Tests (Best Two) along with overall 10% weightage of Internal Assessment (all four) will be added in the Annual Examination to make it 100%. 9-point grading scale will be used for the Assessment of Scholastics Area and 5-point grading for Co-Scholastics Area.

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