Payment of Fees

The parent shall strictly follow and comply with the Fee Payments and shall diligently follow the deposit of fee within the stipulated time period. Fee for the academic year can either be paid as a one-time payment at the beginning of the session or through the following four installments:

April – June 1st Quarterly Fee (to be paid between 1st to 10th Apr)
July – September 2nd Quarterly Fee (to be paid between 1st to 10th July)
October - December 3rd Quarterly Fee (to be paid between 1st to 10th Oct)
January - March 4th Quarterly Fee (to be paid between 1st to 10th Jan)

1. Fee Bills will be issued in advance before the start of each quarter and will be published on the student portal of the School Website. Parent shall visit the School Website for information of the fee bills and the applicable due date for the deposit of the fee bills, also all students will be issued a Computerized Fee bill by the 25th of the preceding month in which the QuarterlyFee has to be paid.

2. Fee is payable by cheque latest by 10th of the said paying month (April, July, October and January) of each Quarter. If 10th happens to be a holiday, the last paying date will be taken as 11th of that month.

3. Fee must be paid directly at Corporation Bank, Sector-6, Dwarka. For the convenience of parents, a Drop-Box has been placed in the school premises. Parents can instruct their wards to drop the cheque in an envelope in the Drop-box or can drop it themselves, which will be collected by the bank officials. Parents also have the facility to pay the fees online.

4. The School shall be entitled to impose a fine of Rs. 20/- per day for non-deposit of school fees from the 11th of the month till the fee bills are remitted in full. In the event of Parent refraining from depositing the fee amount along with late payment charges, if any, by the last working day of the month in which the fees is due and payable, the School shall be entitled to strike off the name of the student from the rolls without any further notice. The non-deposit of fees shall disentitle the student to appear in any of the forthcoming exams.No part payment of fee shall be accepted.

5. In case where a cheque issued for payment of fee is dishonored, Rs. 200/- will be charged in addition to the late fee and will entail legal action.

6. All future payments from defaulting parents will only be accepted through demand draft.

7. In case of withdrawal of student, the Parent shall give to the School one full advance month written notice, failing which one month’s tuition fee will be charged in lieu of the same.

8. Please mention the name of the child, admission number, class and section and telephone number at the back side of the cheque and correct cheque number in the fee slip.

9. Cheque must be issued in favour of “The Indian Heights School”. It should not be post-dated.

10. Fees specified in the invoice issued at the beginning of the academic session in the month of the April has to be paid in 1st quarter itself. Otherwise, the subsequent amount deposited by the parents will first be adjusted against any pending arrears if any, and the balance thereafter be deposited towards the applicable tuition fee for next quarter.

11. Fee bill is an important document which must be kept safely by the parents.

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