It is generally believed that class room learning experiences are very much influential to the students academic development. Classrooms signify a mini community of learners. A class room to a student is like a second world. Our spacious innovatively arranged classrooms attracts the attention of a child coming to school. Activity based learning and highly personalized care and attention becomes the learners paradise with a healthy student teacher ratio. Fully air conditioned Classrooms equipped with students’ friendly furniture, an LCD T.V with internet connection, and Smart Board bring joy of learning.



The school library has variety of books to cater to the requirement of our students.


Technology hаѕ bесоmе аn important component in every day’s life. It iѕ playing аn important role in education and iѕ uѕеd tо benefit the students оf аll ages in thе learning process. Our Tablet Room specially designed for Little Steps students gives hands-on knowledge of technology. It helps them understand the concepts better, as the impact of a hands-on audio-visual aid would definitely leave a much more impressionable mark in their young minds.



Learning the traits of team work, mutual respect, communication and stress management are very important to achieve success in today’s life. The Life Skills have been included in the school’s curriculum so that our students learn them and excel in these skills. The school has taken initiative to start Life Skills classes for the students of classes III to X. These classes are unique in its own way and ensure that each child is exposed to skills like Leadership, Time Management, Interacting with People Confidently, Sibling Rivalry, Goal setting, Public Speaking, Positive Thinking, How to handle Criticism Positively, etc.



A new language lab to enhance the vocabulary, phonetics, pronunciation, communication skills and public speaking has been made operational.


Education in modern era has undergone a rapid change with the advent of information and technology. Keeping this in mind, computer education is imparted to students from kindergarten onwards. The computer lab, a unique playground for young brains, enables the child to learn and explore the IT world. The school has two separate computer labs for junior as well as senior student. E-learning program is the part of teaching learning process. LCD/Smart Boards are strategically placed in each classroom to suit the convenience of each learner in the class.



In our effort towards globalization and international and national exchange programmes, Hi-definition Video Conference set up is installed in the Conference Hall. The students of our school communicate with the students of schools situated in other countries to become globally enriched.


It is a natural science that deals with the study of Celestial Objects such as Moon, Planets, Stars, Nebulae and Galaxies. Astronomy has been incorporated in the curriculum from Class I onwards to further the cause of promotion of scientific temperament in the student community with the aim ‘strive for scientific temper’. The curriculum includes Night Sky Observations, finding Asteroids, hands on experience on telescope and much more.



We ensure that practical knowledge is gained thoroughly besides theoretical knowledge. The Science, EVS, Mathematics, Astronomy Lab are well equipped with state-of-art equipments to ensure the best in teaching-learning process.


Whenever it comes to teaching responsibility and accountability to students, The Indian Heights School has never left any opportunity on its way unattended. Model United Nations (MUN), which is an academic simulation of the United Nation (A Multilateral Forum) for countries to deliberate and form consensus on various global issues, is a part of academic curriculum.



It supplements the physical and moral education imparted to the students. The purpose of introducing Yoga and Meditation is to instill in students, at an early age, the value of self preservation and choosing a lifestyle that is good for both the mind and body.


Apart from the academics, students get an opportunity to learn Performing Arts, which plays an integral part in the process of learning. Students can learn Instrumental Music and Vocal singing and Classical and Western Dance form from well-trained mentors.



The imagination of the students gets wings in the Art & Craft Studio. They learn and excel in many art forms, as this process of creating art helps them to get in-touch with a different side of themselves that they are not able to access in other subjects like Science and Mathematics.


In order to strengthen the School-Parent partnership, the school provides an interactive website to the parents to get the latest information about the school activities. An individual Student Portal has also been provided wherein the detailed information regarding a particular student can be viewed. Apart from this daily updates, attendance, image gallery, parent teacher communication, circulars, worksheets and activity planners can be viewed on this special portal. School Website App can be downloaded too from Google play store only.



Along with academics, The Indian Heights School lays full emphasis on sports activities as it is an integral part for the overall development of a child. The school provides excellent sports infrastructure. Sports available in the school are: Skating, Lawn Tennis, Basket Ball, Football, Hand Ball, Volleyball, Martial Arts, Cricket and Splash pool.


Apart from this, the Power Sports which teaches an Australian concept of physical regime with their colourful scientifically developed tools.



The Activity Zone specially designed for indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom Board and Yoga is the favourite place for students.

Mid-Day Meal

To teach table etiquettes and inculcate the healthy eating habits in our budding students, School has the provision of Mid-Day Meal.



Auditorium is a multi-use, magnificent concert locale and a vibrant performance space with wonderful and grand ambience. It has a capacity for 300 students. It is an ideal Multipurpose Hall venue for music, dance, theatre, class performances as well as lectures and workshops.


Multipurpose Hall is a place which is used to conduct various inter-school competitions, seminars, workshops and other group activities as the hall is equipped with projector and PA system.



Periodical checkups are conducted by a visiting team of specialists and a health card is maintained for each student for a follow up with the parent. An infirmary with round-the-clock trained nurse is available to address any medical emergency or first-aid.


The school has a counsellor to help the students with both academic and emotional / behavioural difficulties faced by them.



It is generally believed that class room learning experiences are very much influential to the students academic development. Classrooms signify a mini community of learners. A class room to a student is like a second world. Our spacious innovatively arranged classrooms attracts the attention of a child coming to school. Activity based learning and highly personalized care and attention becomes the learners paradise with a healthy student teacher ratio. Fully air conditioned Classrooms equipped with students’ friendly furniture, an LCD T.V with internet connection, and Smart Board bring joy of learning.



Cafeteria provides hygienic and nutritional refreshment at a reasonable cost. Sale in the cafeteria happens only during the recess period.


Safety and security of all the students is prime motive at the school. A well trained and experienced full time nurse addresses the immediate medical help of the learners. A health card of each child is maintained. Regular health check ups are also organized by the school.



The TAB Kids, with its user-friendly interface based on graphical elements instead of menus and commands, smoothly introduces kids to the animation world in a natural and intuitive way.



"We want happy, self-confident children because they are motivated and can achieve more,".......this is the motto of each Club running in the school. Clubs have an important role to play in enriching the curriculum. They not only help in acquiring the skills but at the same time they also widen the horizon and enable children to understand the basic knowledge . The school clubs are fun, but they also help boost children's self-esteem and self-confidence. They broaden the child's horizons, both socially and in the particular topic. Clubs also help in forming friendship with fellow students and working together helps developing team work.


In today's highly competitive world co-curricular activities play a very significant role. These activities not only provide mental rest but also helps in staying physically fit and healthy. Being only brilliant in academics doesn't help a student to become a responsible citizen of the country. A student should also be equally talented in other fields and even if not, they should at least pay some interest in them. This also helps in developing his/her personality. There is no doubt that academics are the priority in a student's life but it would be very wrong to say that co-curricular activities are a kind of hindrance to academic excellence. These activities help students to hone their native talents like sports, dance and music. Another advantage of co curricular activities is that they help a student in building up their skills or nourishing their inner capabilities. A number of co curricular activities for both Junior and Senior students are planned for through out the year. To name a few are, English recitation, Spell –a- Thone, Fancy Dress, Head Gear, Best out of waste, Show-n-Tell, Reuse and Recycle, Quiz, Story Dramatization etc.



We, at The Indian Heights School believe in emersion of latest technology in the Curriculum. As the education scenario has been changed and new technology has taken a leap to strengthen the teaching learning methodologies. Installation of Smart Boards in every class room is another initiative taken by the school. This upgrade o technology in the classrooms has brought joy and exhilaration in learning.


The most important thing in games is not winning but taking part . . . . The essential thing is not conquering but fighting well. In order to develop the overall personality of a student, Sports play a vital role. Exercise is also known to relieve stress. Sport is an important learning environment for children. “Sport can affect a child’s development of self-esteem and self-worth. Specialized Coaches/Instructors have been constantly guiding and motivating the students.



Education is not limited in the four walls of the class room. To give exposure to our students school organizes many trips and excursions to the places like:


The school provides air-conditioned bus service on approved bus routes. The buses have comfortable seating arrangement with GPS system.



The prescribed school uniform is available at the Uniform Store in the school campus. For the convenience of the parents and students the uniform store remains open on all the working days in the month of April from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm and in other months on Saturdays from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.


The school provides the school books and stationery articles at the school’s Book Store. In order to maintain uniformity, all students are required to purchase Notebooks of the standard design bearing the school logo from the book store. The book store remains open on all the working days during the lunch break time.



The school has SMS facility. Urgent and important messages from time-to-time are sent to the parents by the school.


We, at The Indian Heights School, aim to provide a secure and safe environment to our students. The school security is enhanced by installing CCTV Cameras and PA system in all the classrooms.