Cooking Club Culmination

At the Primary Wing of TIHS, it is our endeavour to make students learn all life skills. Clubs are vivid platform where learners not only refine their skills but also get a chance to Innovate. The Flameless Cooking Club forms an integral component of extra-curricular activities. The Club is in session every Thursday and the members — our little chefs —are baptised into the world of cooking as they imbibe basic culinary etiquettes and learn to make dishes without using the fire. They are familiarised with various culinary tools and appliances as well as the distinct styles of cooking. The Club had its Culmination Assembly on Tuesday for the session 2022-23. The students presented their year-long learning through a beautiful presentation and emphasised the omnipresent 4H learning@TIHS in their club. The School Headmistress, Ms Meghana Dungrakoti appreciated their efforts and reiterated the virtue of being grateful for the hardwork that goes into cooking. She further emphasized that cooking as a time consuming art strengthens the values like patience and endurance and that those who cook at home; be it mothers, grandmothers or servants, shoulder a great responsibility. Ma’am also pointed that how the 9 Multiple Intelligences are applied at various clubs in the school that allow us to explore endless possibilities. The School Principal, Ms Archana Narain also addressed the students and motivated them stating that clubs hone innovation and activities like Flameless Cooking trigger the creative and innovative streaks amongst learners. Ma’am also mentioned that with a little passion and dedication towards the activities combined with aid from facilitators can transform kids into prodigious individuals of tomorrow.