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CEDx Talk Show , Creative Society of Happy People…..

Mr. Priyadarshni Nayak, Founder and CEO of GTE India participated in a Talk Show with Ms. Archana Narain.  When Mr. Nayak asked Ms. Narain what makes the society happy, she replied, that society will be happy when all  the members of the society will be contented.  The lockdown has brought about a lot of generosity which was hidden within.  Several NGOs and common people went out of their way to perform acts of charity.  They also realized the importance of thrift and appreciated people who helped us. When quizzed about the importance of  Value Education, she said it is essential as it reinforces core values which are generally forgotten. These values have to be taught and re-enforced in school, so that our children turn out to be humane and carry a sound character, which has roots in our tradition.  She said that with parents becoming busy with their own jobs and the society becoming nuclear family oriented the onus of imparting value education is now on the schools. While talking about the importance of AI she stressed that any new innovation in the field of education is always welcome. Change is the essence of progress.   AI has brought in a 4th revolution and is going to bring  about more transformation in education. Therefore, school has  adopted  AI  in order to train and equip our students to be  prepared for the future. Mr. Nayak wanted to know how her school is preparing itself to receive students after the lockdown was lifted.  Ms. Narain said that the school was following all the guidelines and directives of the Ministry of Health and CBSE. The school is in talks with the vendors to ensure maximum protection of the children. Most importantly she said she would invite parents to also participate in this preparation process so that they can satisfy themselves that their children would be safe in the school. Mr. Nayak appreciated Ms. Narain’s, vision and her efforts as an educator and as a Head of the Institute.

Webinar Session on “Let This Parent-Child Bond Grow From Strength to Strength”.

Ms. Archana Narain  Principal along with Ms.Geeta Hiteshi, Psychologist and CBSE Trainer  conducted a Webinar Session for the  parents of the school on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. The topic of the Webinar was “Let This Parent-Child Bond Grow From Strength to Strength”. The Head Mistress, Ms. Meghna Dungrakoti, welcomed the resource person along with the Principal, Ms. Archana Narain and introduced the topic to the audience. The resource person said that it is very important to keep children constructively busy and strengthen the parent-child bond during the lockdown.  Principal, Ms. Narain, said  that   parents are role models and need to put on their  best behavior at all times. They must exhibit the kind of behavior they want their children to emulate. She advised them  to involve kids in house chores and  spend quality time with them. Ms. Hiteshi  also advised the parents not to always snub them, to hear them out and play with them. She suggested that children must have some personal time to chat with their friends. She further added that  it is imperative to set a daily routine and follow it every day. She encouraged the parents to set achievable goals like reading together, having good screen time, having meals together etc. She urged the parents to  practise deep breathing exercises with their children as it will boost their concentration and enhance their focus. Virtual tours of museums and zoos can also be taken up.  The informative session concluded with a Vote of thanks  proposed by HM , Ms. Meghna Dungrakoti.

Webinar Session on the topic-“Mental Health and Well Being- Helping Parents Cope With Challenges”.

Ms. Archana Narain along with Ms Geeta Hiteshi, Psychologist and CBSE Trainer conducted a webinar for the parents of the school on Saturday, June 5, 2020 on the topic -“Mental Health and Well Being- Helping Parents Cope With Challenges”. Ms. Meghna Dungrakoti, Head Mistress welcomed the resource person and the school Principal. The parents who were present in a large number put forward a lot of queries. The points that were discussed related to opening of the schools post lockdown, the time table etc. Ms. Geeta Hiteshi, advised them that nurturing the children is of utmost importance and they should balance their time between the children and the house chores well. The parents were also advised to make the children involve themselves in all learning activities and also to let them think and take their own decisions. Another point of discussion was on developing the linguistic skills, thinking skills and eye hand co-ordination of the children. The resource person warned parents that they should avoid the tantrums thrown by the children, who are at present, restless and agitated on account of compulsive lockdown. Several queries regarding child behavior were also addressed by the Principal. The parents appreciated Ms. Archana Narain, Principal and Ms. Geeta Hiteshi, the resource person for having taken this initiative and requested for more such webinars . The Head Mistress, Ms Meghna concluded the program with a Vote of Thanks

Workshop by Science Utsav

A workshop for Primary wing was conducted on January 24, 2020 in collaboration with  Science Utsav,  a young aged company who is working to bring a wave of inquisitiveness in the students. A complete hands on session was conducted by Mr. Shevetang Patrick and Mr. Adil Aslam Sheik.The sparkling eyes of our young learners were wide open after viewing marvellous science experiments which  included the use of rope, water, straw etc and explanation of the scientific principles behind it. 

Math-O-Mind Week

Mathematics is an important subject which holds value in every aspect of our daily lives.  The junior wing of our school and the Little Steps were involved in a weeklong activity based on Maths- ‘Math-o-Mind’ from December 2, 2019 to December 6, 2019. The junior wing was engaged in activities related to fractions, decimals, pictographs etc. The students of Little Steps were involved in activity-based maths games.  The little ones enjoyed playing Hopscotch, Snakes-And-Ladders, Feeding -The -Monster, Bingo and other games. They were indirectly indulging in numbers and mathematics concepts.  The children enjoyed this fun-way of learning mathematics. They were able to grasp the concepts well and participated in all the activities with great enthusiasm and zeal.

TIHS ASPIRES TO INSPIRE : INSPIRE AWARDS (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research)

It was a proud  moment  for  the school  when our  students  Riya Sahay and Arnav Sahay of class VIII along with Samridh Rastogi and Ujaas Lohani of class X were selected for the prestigious INSPIRE Awards for their Science Projects. The two-day mega event INSPIRE awards was held on January 22 and January 23,2020. INSPIRE is a noble initiativethat fosters a culture of innovation and creative thinking amongst school students to address the societal need through Science and Technology. The Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India has been running the INSPIRE Award scheme since 2009-10. The students from our school presented 4 projects namely Paper making from Water Hyacinth’‘Air Purifiers’,‘Modeling the Process of Mining Silicon Through a Single-Displacement/Redox Reaction’ and  ‘Phytoremediation To Revive Lakes- Use Of Azolla Plants For Reducing Metal Toxicity In Water’. These projects were selectedforINSPIRE awards 2020.  It was a rich learning experience for our young scientists

TIHS students attend Pariksha Par Charcha 2020

A proud moment for the students of the school as they attended the Pariksha Pe Charcha programme organized the Prime Minister and met the Honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narender Modi on January 19,2020 at the Talkatora Stadium organized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’. The day commenced on a cordial note with a warm welcome by the Minister of State for Human Resource, Shri Sanjay Dhotre. During the informative session the students raised questions and queries related to stress and preparation techniques forthe upcoming Board Examinations and other entrance examinations. Students wanted to know whether success in examination defines success in life and, how to balance curricular and co-curricular activities.They wanted to know the role of technology in astudent’s  life, the rights and duties of a student, how to differentiate between ‘pursue’ and ‘pressure’, how to choose one’s career, and how to  discover one’s hidden potentials.The students were excited to hear the Prime Minister.They received a lot of valuable tips from him. The PM   encouraged the students to write their examswith a  relaxed mind and  not to succumb to stress. This will ensure better  results in the long run.

‘Pandora Box: Budding Scientist Competition’

‘Science is simply common sense at its best.’

Science is an ideal subject to complement the natural curiosity of a child and make them aware about the world around. For the studentsscience tools are more like a wand ready to create its magic which is full of imagination, innovationand knowledge.An interesting and innovative competition named ‘Pandora Box: Budding Scientist Competition’ was organized for the students of Primary wing on November 26, 2019.The students enthusiastically performed various science experiments based on the basic principles of science using easy techniques such as ‘fizz inflator, fantastic foamy fountain, a colour symphony, blow up a balloon using yeast, make an electromagnetic field etc. The audience as well as the participants had a great learning time. In all, it was an ‘experiment-full’ day for the students.

Motivational Talk on Survival Skills

Gp Captain Deepak Aluwalia, our Guest Speaker addressed the students from classes IX to XII on Survival Skills in general on November 20, 2019.He spoke about team effort, dignity of labour, respecting every work and service.He enlightened the gathering about basic survival skills which included a thorough knowledge of topography, life forms, flora and fauna and  how one can get foodand water from the available  resources  even in adverse conditions.He said an in-depth knowledge of local religious practices,beliefs, social norms, architectural marvels and rituals will help one to find directions and even predict weather conditions. Students enjoyed the session and digested every word he spoke. The workshopwas a learning experience for the students especially for those who enjoy adventure sports.The workshop was a learning experience for the students especially for those who enjoy adventure sports.

World Space Week (WSW) Celebrated At TIHS!

Science is a beautiful gift to humanity; we should not distort it.”- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

World Space Week is celebrated in the month of October every yearto mark the role of science and technology in the betterment of the human conditions. October month marks the launch of the first human-made Earth satellite, Sputnik 1, on October 4, 1957 and also the birthday of Dr. Kalam falls on 15 October which is celebrated as"World Students' Day".

As a part of World Space Week celebrations, Dr. Kalam Debate Competition was organized and our students got a chance to enrich their knowledge on astronomy with a debate. Students also participated in “National AstroToonCompetition” on WSW Theme- “Moon- The Gateway to the stars” where they showcased their astronomy knowledge with creativity on paper and also made amazing satellite models using waste material for SAT from Trash Competition. Various activities like Galaxy Art, Astro Movie Mania, Let’s Know about the Craters, and Astro-Quiz Mania were thoroughly enjoyed by the students.