WHY TIHS?/ What sets us apart

Our approach to learning at TIHS is more than just academic; it's about igniting a passion for knowledge and nurturing well-rounded individuals. We believe that education is the key to cultivating informed citizens and inspiring appreciation for human creativity. At the heart of our educational process lies the curriculum, a vibrant tapestry of knowledge that prepares students for the journey of life. Our curriculum serves as the canvas of knowledge, painting a comprehensive picture of readiness for life. At TIHS, we actively enrich this canvas through a diverse range of activities, including sports, cultural experiences, social engagement, arts and crafts, and hobbies.

TIHS Legacy

The Indian Heights School owes its establishment to Shri Mansingh Ji, the Chairperson of Bhagwati Devi Foundation, who founded it in cherished memory of his late mother, Smt. Bhagwati Devi. This educational institution is the brainchild of the distinguished publishers Arya Book Depot, renowned for their significant contributions in both education and book publishing. With a legacy spanning over six decades, they have been consistently producing high-quality textbooks. The School Managing Committee comprises esteemed educationists who have played a crucial role in advancing education in India.