Core Value

Core Values/ Fundamental Principles upheld at TIHS

Gyanam Bhramam: ‘Knowledge is Universe’

  • Pursuit of Enlightenment: We kindle the flames of curiosity, urging our students to explore the boundless realms of knowledge, both within and beyond textbooks.
  • Cultural Reverence: We weave the threads of diversity into the fabric of our education, fostering a profound respect for our cultural heritage.
  • Inquisitive Explorers: With open hearts and inquisitive minds, we encourage our students to venture into the uncharted territories of critical thinking and innovation.

Focus on SDGs:

  • Pioneering Global Change: Our unwavering commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) shapes our students into compassionate and responsible global citizens who aspire towards sustainable development of the nation as wells as their own self.
  • Empowering Community: We empower our students to become changemakers, actively participating in projects that address pressing global issues.
  • Stewards of the Earth: Through eco-friendly initiatives and consciousness-raising campaigns, we nurture environmental stewards who safeguard our planet's future.

Greeting with NAMASKAR:

  • Cultural Elegance: "Namaskar" is the first brushstroke in our canvas of respect, honoring the Indian tradition of greeting with grace, poise, and cultural awareness.
  • Inclusivity and Harmony: It resonates with the harmonious chords of inclusivity, welcoming everyone, regardless of their background, into our warm and culturally rich environment.
  • Politeness and Honor: We imbue our students with the art of polite and respectful greetings, shaping them into ambassadors of civility and good manners..