Principal's Message

Chairperson's Message

"A well-prepared and engaging learning environment is like a catalyst—a spark that creates a strong desire to learn in students."

The onset of the 21st century has welcomed the arena of education with new transitions and transformations. The swift pace of change in technology calls for equipping learners with the tools of efficacy and efficiency to face the challenges of life, with daily actions impacting our surroundings. The millenials of today require the life skills to become the insightful citizens of tomorrow.

The Indian Heights School, envisioning a futuristic education system, firmly believes in building a monolith of rich diversity. The school motto, ‘Gyanam Brahman', which means knowledge is universal, transcends the boundaries of learning and provides a global stage for their holistic development. Pioneering the recommendations of NEP 2020, we nurture pedagogical practices comprising of 21st Century Skills, Life Skills, Financial Literacy, Digital Literacy, Health and Wellness, Citizenship Education, Disaster Management and Multilingualism. With innovation as the buzzword, learning in school supplements and promotes, ’How to Think’ rather than ‘What to Think’ so that the students make informed choices.

Through myriad channels and platforms to hone the artistic, aesthetic, and organisational abilities of the students, we aim at creating and moulding them into wholesome and well-balanced personalities. Building a stimulating, congenial, and cognitive environment, the school encourages a healthy and progressive eco-system, focusing on each child’s learning curve. Integrating innovation, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship, the school upholds the ideology of ‘Novelty to Sustainability', where students are empowered with the philosophy of ‘Goodness before Greatness’, to set for their future abodes.

In all our endeavours and achievements, the parents have played a very significant and laudable role. The 360-degree communication with parents and their unwavering support through varied portals have further strengthened the glorious journey of academic excellence and garnered accolades and appreciation. We at TIHS graciously acknowledge and express our deep gratitude for their sincere involvement in merging into one wonderful, exciting big family.

To experience the feeling of ‘oneness’ and 'momentous milestones', come and be a part of this beautiful family.

Warm regards,
Archana Narain
The Indian Heights School