Information - Admission in Class XI

The school offers Science, Commerce and Humanities streams.
The subject stream options are as follows:

S.No. Science (Stream Code – 01) Commerce (Stream Code – 02) Humanities Stream Code – 03)
1 English(301) English(301) English (301)
2 Physics(042) Accountancy (055) History (027)
3 Chemistry(043) Business Studies (054) Political Science (028)
4 Mathematics(041) / Biology(044) Economics (030) Psychology (037)
5 Python(083) / Physical Education(048) Mathematics (041) / Physical Education (048) / Python (083) Economics (030) / Physical Education (048) / Python (083)

Grades required in class X Pre board for admission into class XI:

Science Stream Commerce Stream Humanities Stream
English A1, A2 English A1,A2,B1 English A1,A2,B1
Science A1,A2 Maths A1,A2,B1 Social Science A1,A2,B1
Maths A1, A2 Social Science A1,A2,B1  

1. Admission to class XI is open. Kindly fill the Stream Choice Form. Link for the same is: Click Here
2. Please scan and send the Mid Term and Final result of class IX and Mid Term and Pre Board result of class X at the school email id:

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