Opportunities abound for students to experience a variety of co-curricular activities, pursue their passion for the aesthetics and community service and lead in the field for which they have a passion.

The bonding the students experience with their peers and teachers while being engaged in meaningful and fun activities, creates a distinctive and memorable experience for them. It also helps them imbibe the following:

Clubs: To explore and chisel the hidden talent and potential of the student, the school provides the medium in the form of different clubs. The school has a wide range of clubs and it is mandatory for each student to take up one Club activity during the course of academic session. The clubs running in the school are:
-Environment, Heritage, Sports, Art & Craft, Robotics, Astronomy, Maths, Animation, Health & Wellness.

Class Activities: Interesting activities like Wall Magazine, Rakhi Making, Best out of Waste, Collage on Healthy Food, Story Dramatization, English Elocution, Head Gear Making.

Special Assemblies: An assembly is when the school community, or a part of it, meets together to share aspects of life that are of worth and its acts as a medium for communicating matters of significance. Assemblies, which include Acts of Worship are an important feature of our school's life. They act as one of the main ways by which we create our positive reflective ethos and promote our value-based education. Theme based Assemblies contain times of quiet reflection that enable pupils to develop the deepest values and aspirations of the human spirit.


Sports: Sports play a vital role in molding a students’ life. It shapes the students physically and mentally. A student excelling in sports will also shine in his academic career. Instilling the interest for sports in student must start from the initial years. Sports not only teaches the students the sports skills but also moral values like self confidence, punctuality, discipline, responsibility, accountability and sacrifice. Sports divert a student’s attention from indoor activities. Sport also help in strengthening the muscles, bones and makes students physically and mentally fit.


Important days : To update our students with the important events and in order to inculcate the diversity of our nation, school celebrates all the Important days and events in the school. They are as follows: Important Days: Labour Day, Earth Day, Environment Day, Army Day, Hindi Diwas, World Health Day, Navy Day, World Dance Day, National Sprots Day, National Pollution Day, World Heritage Day, World Malaria Day, World Safety Day, Anti Terrorism Day, Human Rights Day, Science Day, Green Consumer Day, World Ozone Day, World Habitat Day, Literary Day, World Book Day, Laughter Day, World Food Day, Laughter Day, World Book Day, World Population Day, Biodiversity Day, National Yough Day.

IMPORTANT FESTIVALS/EVENTS: Baisakhi, Independence Day, Janamashtmi, Gandhi Jayanti, Dussehra, Diwali, Teacher’s Day, Republic Day, Christmas Day, Lohiri, Basant Panchami, New Year Day, Id, Sports Day, Grand Parents Day, Graduation Ceremony, Talent Hunt INTER SCHOOL and INTER HOUSE COMPETITIONS: Competitions are the medium or platforms where students can showcase their potentials and talents. These competitions are organized regularly in the school so that students can obtain maximum opportunities to hone their skills. The importance and advantages of Inter House Competitions are as follows:

• enhances the sense of pride in the school

• develops the school culture and values among the students

• recognizes participation and achievement in extra curricular activities

• provides a varied cultural and sporting programme in school

• encourages a healthy competitive environment

• encourages multi level participation

• develops leadership and pastoral at both junior and senior levels

• develops unity and a common interest between students and staff

• Enhances confidence among the students

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