Teaching Methodologies - Junior School

A wise person once described a school as a building that has four walls…with tomorrow inside. The focus of education at the Junior school embodies this idea - by giving its students the strong roots they need to soar successfully into the future.

  • We follow a student-friendly, student-centered, and interactive approach to learning wherein a balanced breadth of academic coverage is ensured which neither overburdens the student, nor is it superficial.

  • Importance is given to both the scholastic & co - scholastic areas with regard to attributes such as life skills, moral values, sports & games as well as co – curricular activities.

  • The curriculum designed aims at the emotional, cognitive, social and physical being of each child, who is encouraged and motivated to work independently and in groups.

  • Constant, innovative review of the syllabus is done to ensure it is contemporary and meaningful, with due importance being placed on skill-based, job-oriented and job-linked inputs.

  • Subjects covered include Languages, Mathematics, Environmental Sciences, General Awareness, Creative and Performing Arts.

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