Teaching Methodologies - Kindergarten

Kindergarten being a child’s first experience in the formal schooling can be an anxious time for both children and parents thatis why we have taken special care to create a warm, welcoming and cheerful environment, in which children feel secure and happy. An environment that makes them want to come to school each morning, and where teachers become one of the most important persons in their life. Our facilitators live up to a trusting child’s expectations - caring, friendly and fair; yet firm and discipline-conscious when needed. Our forte comprises of...

  • A combination of the best practices of traditional and modern systems of education, using methods that promote learning through a multi-sensory approach, in which all five senses are tapped.

  • A well planned curriculum which aims at the emotional, cognitive, social and physical being of each child, who is encouraged and motivated to work independently and in groups.

  • A constant and continuous observation of the students to update the parents about the performance & learning skills from time to time on a regular basis.

  • Introduction to early reading and writing through sounds which the students soon learn to blend and form words.

  • A classroom where the learning environment is designed to be bright and friendly with ample space for supervised play and carefully selected range of toys, learning aids, craft materials and books encouraging intellectual inquisitiveness and socialization.

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