Leadership Enhancement and Development

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Purpose of Establishing SIC in Schools

Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.

The Indian Heights School with its ethos of learning as an ever evolving and progressive process, leaves no stone unturned to garner and supplement learners with new age learning. In tandem with this learning objective, the students from class VI to IX attended an orientation session on \"Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Purpose of Establishing SIC in Schools\" on March 06, 2023 highlighting the importance of bringing inevitable changes to benefit mankind through the initiative \"School Innovation Council\" under the aegis of Ministry of Education\'s Innovation Cell. Through the interactive and informative session, the Innovation Ambassadors Ms Aayushi Tanwer and Ms Gargi Chatterjee, apprised the students about the objectives of the SIC, the categories to choose from and the guidelines for the same. The students enthusiasm was visible as they discussed the guidelines in detail. The Activity Coordinator/Convener for the project, Ms Bindu Sangwan, motivated the students by paying emphasis on \"Think big. Think dmall. Think in-between. Just think!\" With the last date to submit the idea(s) for Round One i.e. Idea Creation Challenge is April 17, 2023, the students are now geared doing the spade work and steering their research work and facts to come out with best innovative idea.


Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories, and unconditional love.

The Indian Heights School firmly believes in nurturing the young ones by supplementing the learning based on skills, competencies and good values. With this ardent objective,the Pre-Primary Wing of the school organized a cultural programme celebrating its Annual Grand Parents Day on Saturday, March 4, 2023. The bejeweled presence of Chief Guest Lt. Gen. &Mrs Raj Kadyan, school Principal Ms Archana Narain along with special guests Ms Reena and Ms Tokas brought an ethereal edge to the GALA GRANDPARENTS’ DAY CELEBRATION @THE INDIAN HEIGHTS SCHOOL, DWARKA. The day commenced with ceremonial lighting of the lamp. The school principal Ms. Archana Narain accorded a warm welcome to the Chief Guest and all the grandparents for their warm and blessed presence. She further quoted that celebrations like these, provide an opportunity to learn and rediscover worldly wisdom, valuable life lessons and survival skills.She further emphasized that grandparents as a revered and rich reservoir of experience has so much to impart especially when it comes to sustainable living. The spectacular show put up by the talented little geniuses of pre-primary wing guided and trained by skilled teachers and class in charges win adulations from everyone present. The stage reveled with wit, humour, enactment, music dance and comraderie as the little superstars and the grandparents lined up rendering spectacular performances comprising of fun games and brilliant performances. The day buzzed with ever-escalating excitement as the grandparents shared their prized moments of experiences that chronicled time and enlightened everyone present. The grand finale saw overwhelming enthusiasm and thrill in the air as the auditorium was brimming with the electrifying energy of the cheering audience. The chief guest highly lauded the effort put by the teachers and little ones in putting up the spectacular show and stressed that grandparents day celebrations brings the diverse interpretations of life under one canopy and is an immersive experience. The Headmistress, Ms Meghana Dungrakoti, sprinkled highly motivating words of wisdom. She expressed her gratitude towards the grandparents as the guiding light for the young saplings and applauded the awe-inspiring performances rendered by the students of the Pre-Primary Wing. The day culminated with the rendition of the National Anthem. This day marked yet another flag of glory and victory in the history of The Indian Heights School, and we commit ourselves to an ever-growing bond between the parents-students-school. Lending the human touch to every event possible is what TIHS stands for. Caring never ends @TIHS

Blessings Ceremony for Class X & XII

Education is the oar that holds the life together during chirpy waters. Similarly, blessing the students is a sacred custom to pass on the values and armour the young learners for the tumultuous journey ahead. To seek the benevolence of the Almighty, the students, teachers and parents attended the Blessing Ceremony organized for the students of class X and XII in school central lawns on February15, 2023. The day initiated with the Hawan ceremony performed by the school principal Ms Archana Narain, Headboy Srijan Mahajan and Headgirl Jianna Thomas. The ceremonious hawan was attended by the students , teachers and parents. The students then offered floral petals to Goddess Saraswati and took blessings from their mentors. This was followed by the distribution of prasadam.The school principal in her address wished good luck to all the students and encouraged them to pass the examination with flying colours to keep the spirits high. The students then penned their wishes on the Wish-Tree. The day also witnessed students engaged in scribbling and writing messages as they created memories to be cherished forever. The teachers also conveyed their best wishes to the students for the board Examinations. The day concluded for everyone with a determined and cheerful spirit to brace the upcoming examination.

TIHS Fosters a Rich Blend of Holistic and Futuristic Learning

The Indian Heights School fosters a rich blend of holistic and futuristic learning. The students from class XII appeared in JEE Mains, Session-I and aced it with flying colours. The spectacular accomplishments in JEE add feathers to the achievement tally every year leading to a sparkling treasure trove of alumni. The Super Achievers

1) Srijan Mahajan- 98.98 percentile
2) Shourya Antil- 96.08 percentile
3) Vansh Tibrewal- 95.1 percentile
4) Aviral Gupta- 93.61 percentile

The meritorious performance has further encouraged the young aspirants to prepare for JEE Advanced scheduled in the month of June,2023. The entire fraternity compliments and conveys their best wishes for their future venture.

CBSE Capacity Building Program on Art Integration

The Indian Heights School conducted CBSE Capacity Building Program on ‘Art Integration’ on January 28, 2023. The CBSE Resource Person Dr. Reetika Bhandari , HOD Chemistry GHPS New Delhi and Ms. Aishwarya Taneja, Senior Academic Coordinator Microsoft Educator Expert, implored on the need to incorporate art into all forms of learning. The workshop commenced with ice- breaking activities like drawing and light dance session to set the pace. The interactive session highlighted on the importance of Art Integration, the emphasis being on planning activities along with rubrics designed, essence and types of performing and visual arts, Blooms Taxonomy along with three learning domains, the rationale of art integration and interdisciplinary approach. The need to distinguish between learning objective and learning outcome in a lesson plan and the role of the teachers as the most valuable resource of an educational institution and that how they not only transact curriculum but are also responsible for generating enthusiasm for learning was aptly reiterated. The teachers from all the three wings i.e. primary, middle and senior wing of the school attended the informative workshop. The edifying training session equipped the teachers with knowledge and skills to create and curate multifaceted activities weaved into art integration.

Republic Day and Vasant Panchami Celebration

Keeping the soaring spirits of Republic Day high, soaked in auspicious hues of Vasant Panchami, The Indian Heights School, celebrated the two festivals on January 26,2023 with much spirited zeal and reverence. The eventful day was graced with the vibrant presence of school management , school Chairperson Ms. Madhu Gupta and school Manager Mr. Puneet Gupta alongwith school Principal Ms. Archana Narain. The day commenced with the customary flag hoisting of the Tri- colour followed by the National Anthem. Releasing of the tri-colour balloons by the dignitaries kept the spirits high for everyone as the students and facilitators cheered with a commitment to work together towards the school vision and mission. The day unfolded with spectacular performances comprising of group song and speech in Hindi. Enthused in auspicious hues of yellow and white, celebrating the true essence of Vasant Panchami, the entire fraternity joined for the customary Hawan ceremony performed in school premises. Amidst the chants of prayers, holy fire and fragrance of incense sticks and flowers, the ceremony was performed to seek blessings of Maa Saraswati , the Goddess of knowledge, intellect and fine arts. Distribution of ritualistic prasadam after the hawan was savoured by one and all. The school management extended their festive wishes to all the members of the TIHS family and wished them all the success and prosperity in all the future endeavours and pursuits.


The Senior Wing of The Indian Heights School conducted an enlightening Assembly themed India\'s G-20 Presidency with great enthusiasm on 16 January, 2023. The assembly commenced with morning prayers followed by theme oriented thought of the day, vocabulary word and a glimpse into the world around through news headlines. An informative and supportive slide share further acquainted the students about the relevance of G-20 under India\'s presidency. In her address, the School Principal Ms. Archana Narain reminded the students how in the current scenario, the crucial constructive role India plays in global landscape. She emphasized that with new 2023, students must aspire to develop a new skills, new habits and reading new journals. She urged the learners to focus and prioritize time management and proper planning for the upcoming examination.The illuminating assembly concluded with the rendition of the National Anthem.

TedTalk on the topic The Power of Quiet

The greatest achievers are those who are old enough to be wise and young enough to believe that they can change the world. Yet another euphoric moment for the school as our young aspiring orator, Lakshita Kirola of class VII-D will be delivering a TedTalk on the topic The Power of Quiet on November 5, 2022 at 5.00 pm. The entire TIHS fraternity and the School Management convey their Heartiest Congratulations to the child prodigy and the proud parents.

Peacemakers @theindianheightsschool

Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The UN has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace and non-violence. The primary wing of TIHS took this golden opportunity to spread the message of peace far and wide. With this year’s theme “End Racism Build Peace” a campaign was carried out in the corridors of the Primary Wing. The headmistress, Ms Meghana Dungrakoti also joined the campaign and enunciated the message of Dalai Lama; “World peace begins with inner peace.” She also encouraged the young minds to become peacemakers of tomorrow and begin today by being harmonious with one another.

Investiture Ceremony for the session 2022-23

The Primary Wing of The Indian Heights School organised the Investiture Ceremony for the session 2022-23 for students of Junior School to be invested cordially with their decorative positions. The ceremony was the perfect platform to permeate reliance and confidence in the newly elected prefectorial body. The momentous event was presided over by the Chief Guest, Colonel Vivek Chadha and Ms Monica Chadha, revered presence of  School Chairperson Ms Madhu Gupta and School Manager Mr Puneet Gupta. The chief guest in his communique inspired students to put \'Service- Before Self, they shoulder the mantle of responsibilities pledging to serve the school with utmost sincerity and commitment. The inspiring day commenced with the lighting of the lamp ceremony and proceeded with a myriad and spectacular renditions in the form of song, dance and drama act etc. The School Principal, Ms Archana Narain congratulated the newly elected council members and encouraged them to imbibe and inculcate virtues of resilience, patience and hard work. She also elaborated on the quality of being responsible, disciplined and modest at the same time. The office bearers were conferred with their badges and sashes by the guests and the school Principal. The prefectorial body sealed its duties with an oath administered by the School Principal. The School Headmistress, Ms Meghana Dungrakoti extended her gratitude to the guests, management and the parent populace for their benevolent presence. She motivated the students to always remember the ethos imbibed by the school and follow the school motto ‘Gyanam Brahman’ with utmost diligence and commitment. The school management also complimented the young office bearers and encouraged them to act as role models for others to emulate. The highly motivating day ended with a befitting rendition of the school song and national anthem.

safeguard nature and spread awareness

The Pre Primary and Primary Wing of The Indian Heights School observed two important days. World Biofuel Day and World Lion Day, to safeguard nature and spread awareness for the larger benefit of the society. The students through their colourful and informative posters deeply stirred their imagination and moved a step closer to being an awakened and responsible citizen of the world. The facilitators of the Little Steps Wing narrated stories on ‘the mighty king of the jungle’ to the tiny tots enhancing their imagination and creative thinking skills.The Headmistress, Ms Meghana Dungrakoti also motivated them with her high spirited note that we must take charge to save our fauna and flora. We cannot expect someone else to do it!

Workshop on Stress Management at TIHS

The teachers from The Indian Heights School attended an engrossing workshop on Stress Management under the aegis of CBSE Capacity Building Programme on February 29, 2020. The workshop aimed  to equip the teachers on coping mechanisms to deal with stress management. The resource person , Ms. Geeta Hiteshi, a seasoned psychologist and CBSE trainer apprised the faculty about Eustress and distress. While highlighting the importance of Eustress, i.e. positive stress, she suggested that it transforms stress into enhanced performance. The teachers also came forward and shared their experiences while explaining the sources of stress such as meeting deadlines, managing time, balancing work and home, etc. Teachers were introduced to various innovative methods for managing classrooms as they sportingly took part in group activities which involved case studies, role plays, presenting lesson plans, etc. The workshop concluded with the distribution of Certificates of Participation and Vote of Thanks.

CBSE Capacity Building Workshop on Life Skills

The Indian Heights School conducted an engaging Capacity Building workshop on life skills under the aegis of  CBSE on February 1,2020. The resource person Mr. Pankaj Munjal, well known capacity building trainer acquainted the gathering about various ways and techniques of developing and enhancing life skills among students across all age groups. The engrossing session attended by the teachers from primary to senior secondary level  highlighted day to day classroom situations and that how ten core life skills namely -  self- awareness, empathy, critical thinking, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, effective communication, interpersonal relationship, coping with stress and coping with emotions can yield fruitful results when incorporated in teaching learning process. The workshop emphasized that a successful education lies at the core of creating an insightful and responsive individual. The rewarding session concluded and stressed to inculcate  life skills to ensure holistic development of a child.

Fit India Week

The Indian Heights School celebrated FIT INDIA WEEK with lot of enthusiasm, zeal and zest. The weeklong celebration culminated on December 21, 2019 with the entire teaching staff, admin staff and supporting staff participating in the activities. The pleasant day commenced with a Marathon run. School Principal Ms Archana Narain in her keynote address stressed the need on physical and mental wellbeing as the present-day sedentary lifestyle needs to strike a strong balance between health and stress.She flagged the run and declared the event open. Her exuberant presence motivated everyone to finish the marathon as she also participated in the run. After marathon, calm and relaxing Yoga and Meditation session rejuvenated the entire gathering performed various asanas like Surya Namaskar, Vrikshasan asana, Trikon asana, pranayama and many more. The highlight of the day was Zumba session where the electrifying music and rocking dance steps was cheered by everyone. To conclude the day was high on physical agility and mental fitness and was enjoyed by one and all.

Workshop on Capacity Building Program on History Class XII held at TIHS

As part of Capacity Building Program under the aegis of CBSE, a two-day workshop was conducted for class XII teachers in the subject of History on December 16-17, 2019 in the school auditorium. The CBSE Resource Person Dr. Ajay Kumar Jhashared relevant tips on how to incorporate important facts, value points and answers to questions from the textbooks. He suggested that the same be circulated to the learners. The two-day interactive session highlighted the importance of using different innovative teaching methodologies and acquainted the teachers about new marking schemes and objective-type questions. The training session was very informative and provided the teachers with additional skills to deal with teaching and tips on project work, map work etc.


TIHS conducted CBSE Teacher Training Programme

The Indian Heights School conducted CBSE ‘Teacher Training Programme’ through Hubs of Learning in collaboration with Sri. Aurobindo Society.

Interactive Workshop on Cyber Safety

“Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one.”

A highly informative and interactive  workshop on Cyber Safety was held on December 3, 2019 for the school faculty. Eminent Guest Speaker, Mr. Rakshit Tandon, who is a renowned Cyber Security Evangelist apprised the gathering about the core issues related to digitalized social media, its use and misuse and sensitized everyone present about cyber rules and laws.  The workshop was an eye opener, as the entire gathering gained knowledge about how to remain cyber safe and secure in our day to day life especially when using cyber based technology and gadgets.


Regional Level CBSE School Teachers’ Teaching Aid competition held at TIHS

The Indian Heights school under the aegis of CBSE conducted ‘CBSE Regional Level CBSE School Teachers’ Teaching Aid Competition’ on September 30, 2019. The event garnered an overwhelming response of 53 schools from Delhi and NCR.  The program initiated with Lighting of the Lamp ceremony.  The occasion was graced by esteemed panel of judges. The exuberant presence of Ms. Niti, Asstt. Sec. CBSE lend the day a resounding start.  The participant schools were judged based on originality and creativity, adaptability, ease of use, educational significance, professional appearance, presentation and demonstration. The day witnessed creativity at its best as the teacher displayed an array of teaching aids varying from jute sacks, spin wheel, paper mache, board games with interactive dice, power point presentations, old reusable items and discarded items. The teaching aids catering to all the subjects at all four levels, Primary, Middle Secondary and Senior outlined the use of innovative and out of the box teaching aids to make routine classroom vibrant and interesting.  The competition was fruitful to bring the teaching fraternity on one common platform to ring in the   awareness about conceptualization thereby unfurling their creative potentials. Out  of 53 participants 11 selected entries have been cleared regional level and will be competing at national level.

Capacity Building Program on Happy Classroom

The School conducted  a Capacity Building Program on ‘Happy Classroom’ on September 21,2019 under the aegis of CBSE. The CBSE Resource Person Ms. Sudha Acharya, Principal, ITL Public School emphasized on the need toincorporate happiness and positive emotions in the classroom. The interactive session highlighted the importance of ‘Happiness Quotient’. The thrust was on creating a happy class room and work with unbridled enthusiasm. Ms. Acharya laid stress onthe role of teachers as the most valuable resource of an educational institution, who not only impart curriculum but are also responsible for generating an enthusiasm for learning. The teachers of the school attended this informative workshop. The training session equipped the teachers with the methodologies, that promote an environment to creates a safe and caring classroom.

Capacity Building Program on Happy Classroom

The School conducted  a Capacity Building Program on ‘Happy Classroom’ on September 21,2019 under the aegis of CBSE. The CBSE Resource Person Ms. Sudha Acharya, Principal, ITL Public School emphasized on the need toincorporate happiness and positive emotions in the classroom. The interactive session highlighted the importance of ‘Happiness Quotient’. The thrust was on creating a happy class room and work with unbridled enthusiasm. Ms. Acharya laid stress onthe role of teachers as the most valuable resource of an educational institution, who not only impart curriculum but are also responsible for generating an enthusiasm for learning. The teachers of the school attended this informative workshop. The training session equipped the teachers with the methodologies, that promote an environment to creates a safe and caring classroom.

Cyber Security and Hygiene

Technological advancements are taking our world with a storm of revolutionary change, turning the youth to become digital and global citizens of tomorrow. With every change there are some measures required to be taken to safeguard ourselves from harm and to maintain cyber hygiene. To understand the depth of cyber safe and the importance of cyber security, the school organized a workshop for mothers and women employees of our school on July 27, 2019. The sensitivity of the issue was reinforced by a renowned cyber expert Mr. Rakshit Tandon. He is a cyber consultant with CBI and is associated with various government bodies as an expert cyber cell resource. He has won several accolades including Global KaramveerChakra award. He enriched the session by discussing common concerns of fraudulent emails, phising, hacking, sexting and cyber harassment. The real-life examples and demonstration of cyber hacking helped the audience understand the grave issue related to unsafe use of internet and phones. The session empowered women to take the importance of cyber hygiene and aid in spreading awareness about it to the young generation.