Visit to the Science Museum

“A science museum is not just a place to visit; it\'s a portal to endless wonder and enlightenment.\" The educational visit to the Science Museum was a highly anticipated event for our group of enthusiastic learners. With the aim of broadening their knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of scientific principles, it embarked on a journey of discovery and wonder at the Science Museum. Unveiling the whole new gamut of scientific exploration ,achievements and the ancient civilisation, the centre offered a rich glimpse into the nation\'s rich cultural heritage. The dinosaur exhibition with life-sized dinosaur replicas and informative displays was a time travel to the prehistoric era, acquainting the learners about the evolution clock of life on planet earth. Space Exploration section sparked the curiosity about human achievements. Space missions and the potential for future interplanetary travel was both fascinating and inspiring. The visit aligned with curriculum, reinforced real-world applications and hands-on experience. Mirror maze, artefacts of ancient civilisations, playway method to prove mathematical theorems was a rich learning experience. The visit as a crucible of opportunities complemented the ever escalating excitement of the students providing an enriching experience and upskilling them on technical advancements. #technology&fun #innovative&new


Indian Heights School