Career Counselling Workshop

‘’Investing in knowledge yields the most favourable dividends.’’ where Aspirations take Flight. The ethos of The Indian Heights School lies in the holistic development of students within the swiftly evolving landscape of the modern world. The institution has played a pivotal role in orchestrating insightful career counselling sessions and expos, thereby acquainting the students with the dynamic shifts in the professional realm. In its relentless pursuit of enhancing the prowess of learners amidst the currents of change, the school orchestrated an empowering workshop on August 17,2023 on Career Counselling, arranged under the auspices of GIDE.AI. The erudite Mr. Abhishek Gupta, the Founder and CEO of HSM and GIDE.AI, served as the beacon of wisdom through an illuminating discourse. The school Principal Ms. Archana Narain welcomed by presenting a token of appreciation. Mr Gupta through his insight delineated the multifaceted avenues students can traverse, fostering an expansive spectrum of career choices. This enriching session further illumined the students about nascent and enthralling prospects within domains such as Commerce and particularly Humanities. Furthermore, Mr. Gupta underscored the imperative of allowing passion, not external pressures, to chart their vocational trajectories. The resounding message resonated – the journey toward a fulfilling career should be navigated guided by one’s own fervour. The session high on global perspective further guided the students about the skills and competencies they must develop and refine to become a confident and a self-reliant learner. The encapsulating session provided knowledge about the relevance of SAT and CUET. The interactive session received an overwhelmed response from the students as they answered the questions raised during the session. To conclude, the workshop was highly engaging, convincing and updated students on the latest avenues in career making.


Indian Heights School