Visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan and Parliament House for Grade IX to XII

"Every journey is an opportunity to discover, learn, and grow.\" In our quest for experiential learning, our school embarked on a remarkable journey to explore two iconic landmarks of Indian democracy and heritage: Rashtrapati Bhavan and Parliament House for Grade IX to XII. These two structures stand as witnesses to India\'s history, politics, and culture, and our visit provided us with a unique opportunity to understand their significance firsthand. A Glimpse into Governance and History Rashtrapati Bhavan, the majestic presidential residence, welcomed us with its grandeur and historical significance. Designed by renowned architects Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker, the Bhavan is a masterpiece that seamlessly merges Indian and European architectural styles. Where Democracy Takes Shape Our exploration continued at the Parliament House, the center of India\'s legislative proceedings. The circular structure stands as a testament to India\'s commitment to democracy and governance. Our visit to the Prime Minister’s Museum was a the perfect blend of modern features and the classic tale of statesmanship.The entrance is adorned with a 3D printed National Emblem rotating in the air. Adding to the appeal is an artistic mobile installation of multiple kinetic LED lights forming a dynamic pattern of the National Flag representing freedom, progress and growth of the nation. An unforgettable stroll with the architects of Independent India! This installation offers an opportunity to walk alongside your favourite Prime Minister in Augmented Reality. Our excursion to Rashtrapati Bhavan and Parliament House was an enlightening experience that blended history, governance, and culture. It reminded us of the ideals our nation was built upon and inspired us to contribute positively to its growth. These landmarks will forever hold a special place in our hearts as reminders of our heritage and our role in shaping India\'s future.


Indian Heights School