Janamashtami Celebrations at TIHS

TIHS immersed in the divine spirit of Janamashtami today! It has always been an endeavour of TIHS to instill cultural values and tradition in students and thereby provide them holistic education that goes beyond the class room learning , nurturing young minds in all aspects of life. The Janmashtami celebrations at TIHS was a wonderful amalgamation of devotion, creativity and fun that provided students with a unique opportunity to learn about Indian mythology and culture. The heart-pounding festive decorations that transformed the school premises into a mini-Vrindavana where the tiny Radhas and Krishnas of Little Steps enthusiastically performed dance dramas and sang melodious bhajans depicting Krishna\'s escapades, showcasing their talent and devotion. The highlight was the Raas leela performance by our talented students that added a touch of spirituality to the event and witnessed the dignitaries; the School Principal and Headmistress also soak into divinity of Krishna!


Indian Heights School