TIHS visits SKILL BAZAAR at Yashobhoomi Convention Centre

The students from The Indian Heights School visited newly inaugurated India International Convention and Expo Centre, also known as Yashobhoomi, located at Dwarka, Sector-25, on September 19, 2023. The convention centre , built over a sprawling area of over 73,000 square metres, comprises of 15 convention rooms including the main auditorium. Along with a grand ballroom and 13 meeting rooms with a total capacity of holding 11,000 delegates, Yashobhoomi centre is nation’s biggest hub of conference tourism. The students at the centre had a marvellous glimpse of India’s rich cultural heritage as they visited stalls displaying the exemplary work of artisans and craftsmen pan India. Highlighting the principle for ‘Vocal for Local ’, the skill bazaar is a rich repository tracing the journey of craftsmen, weavers, smiths and many other diverse ancient handicrafts that have transcend the boundaries of time. The students gained profound knowledge about integrated ancient cultural designs in jewellery ( especially in gold, silver and bronze),the art of pottery, the epic journey from barbershop to salons, traditional laundry system to new evolved machines, home decor items made up of bamboo,coconut shell and items carved out of single piece of wood. Exhibiting the vivid interior designs and patterns, the students also interacted with the craftsmen and gained knowledge about their life and the masterpieces created. The visit to \'Yashobhoomi\', was a rewarding experience for the learners, in tandem with the principle, 'Vocal for Local to Global'.


Indian Heights School