Educational Journey to the CSIR

Into the World of Wonders: Experiential Learning at CSIR Delhi Today, a group of enthusiastic children embarked on an educational journey to the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) in Delhi. The day started with an initiation to CSIR and its objective. The students went onto witness the magic of integrative biology throughout the day. The students observed the fascinating world of scientific research and innovation. They were introduced to the field of genetics ,structure of DNA, genomics , molecular medicine, zebra fish techniques and games to initiate a dialogue around the field of integrative biology. The visit also aimed to inspire their interest in science, technology, and research, while also allowing them to see firsthand the work conducted at CSIR. The highlight of the day was the interaction with scientists who not only engaged in discussions with the curious minds but also guided about the career path in the said field. This visit was organized to provide them with an opportunity for experiential learning and to foster their curiosity about the world of science and research. It was a memorable and an enlightening experience for the Heightians. It provided them with a unique opportunity to explore the world of science beyond textbooks and classrooms. Experiential learning at CSIR not only ignited their curiosity but also inspired them to consider careers in scientific research. This educational excursion served as a stepping stone towards fostering a new generation of scientists and innovators. Truly, a newfound appreciation from the young scholars was received as they seized the day with a pursuit of overwhelming power of Science!


Indian Heights School