Empowering the next generation leaders and changemakers, The Indian Heights School conducted STEAM- GALAXIA 2023, an Inter-School Techno Fest on October 06’ 2023 with lot of enthusiasm and zest. The event as a benchmark for excellence, fostered the creativity, critical thinking and a passion for Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics solving some of the community\'s pressing challenges. The strategic and innovative display of technology allowed the aspiring learners to combine ideas to create a better world. High on 3As i.e. 'Aspire,Approach and Achieve\' the event categorized grade wise, i.e \'Mind Craft: Building the Architecture of Cognition\', (VI-VIII), ' Eco Evolution: Embracing Sustainability\', ( IX –X ) and \'The Alchemist Archive: Unravelling Nature\'s Secret\', for XI-XII Day, were adjudged by the distinguished panel of judges. The stage performances full of energy and enthusiasm amid cheers from the audience and applause from the judges, were perfectly in tandem with the themes allotted. .The school Principal Ms. Archana Narain complimented all the participating schools for their praiseworthy effort and emphasized that events like ‘STEAM Galaxia’ supplement deep collaborative learning. The experiments performed by students displayed critical thinking alongwith skills like research and analysis as they apprised the judges about the objectives and outcome of their projects and experiments.The winning teams beamed with cheering spirit as they lifted the trophies and collected the cheques for each winning position. The school management also appreciated and commended the spectacular and splendid display of innovation and ideas in ‘STEAM GALAXIA 2023’.


Indian Heights School