TIHS Hosting a pool party for toddlers

Pool parties provide an ideal platform for making learning enjoyable, and helping toddlers associate school with fun and positive experiences. Indeed Hosting a pool party for toddlers at TIHS was delightful and an educational experience. The glistening azure water set the stage for a captivating atmosphere in which young champs absorbed knowledge through play. It fostered sensory growth while sensing the water\'s texture and exploring its temperature variations. This activity also encouraged social interaction as children enjoyed the aquatic games and forged new friendships. The facilitators made the children aware about the pool rules, emphasizing the importance of supervision and responsible behaviour around water. Water play activities also strengthened motor skills , balance and enhanced the ability to propell and navigate. In essence, hosting pool parties for preschoolers at school not only enriched their physical and social development but also contributed to a lively and immersive learning atmosphere. The pool party organised at school infused the toddlers with joy and exhilaration.


Indian Heights School