Grandparents Day celebrations at TIHS

On October 13, 2023, TIHS welcomed a special gathering for the Grandparents\' Day celebrations, themed \'Aabhar\': A Day filled with Gratitude and Grace. The day commenced with a warm reception for our esteemed guests and grandparents, accompanied by lively dhol beats and décor in perfect harmony with the occasion. Distinguished personalities, including School Chairperson Ms. Madhu Gupta, and notable figures like Mr. VK Gupta, Ms. Sanya Parwal, Ms. Madhu Marwa, and Ms. Megha Charria, were greeted with warm smiles in our traditional Indian manner. The school organized a variety of engaging activities for our students to forge deeper connections with their grandparents, creating treasured moments together. These events, which included the Flameless Culinary Challenge, Artist in the Making, and Walk the Ramp, were evaluated by our esteemed panel of judges. The outstanding performances were recognized and awarded during the prize distribution ceremony. The cultural showcase left everyone in awe, as our young talents took the stage with mesmerizing performances that left an indelible mark on our audience\'s hearts. The grandparents too danced to the tune of old numbers leaving the audience awe-struck. In her eloquent address, the school Principal expressed heartfelt gratitude to the grandparents, inspiring the students to acknowledge the invaluable contributions, love, and wisdom that grandparents bring to their families and communities. The guests also shared their insights with the students, emphasizing the values and virtues passed down by wise grandmas ‘ and grandpas’. In summary, the event was a resounding success!


Indian Heights School