Parent Teachers Meet and Art Exhibition at TIHS

The school hosted PTM to share the progress of Mid Term Evaluations on Saturday, October 14,2023.This event offered a valuable platform for parents and teachers to engage in discussions regarding academic progress and the holistic development of the students. The day also featured an impressive exhibition of artwork created by TIHS artists. The art exhibition was a stunning display of our students\' creativity and skill. The wide range of artwork, from lively paintings to intricate sculptures, showcased the dedication and artistic abilities of our young talents. Students of various ages poured their hearts into their creations, leaving no doubt about their passion and dedication. Visitors, including parents, teachers, and peers, were left in awe, admiring the remarkable skill demonstrated by our students. Many were amazed that such extraordinary pieces were crafted by children. This exhibition was a resounding triumph, a testament to our students\' exceptional talents and the unwavering support from parents and the school community. It was more than a celebration of creativity; it served as a reminder of the importance of nurturing the artistic abilities of our children leaving an impression in everyone’s heart of fostering a profound appreciation for the art.


Indian Heights School