Halloween celebration at TIHS

“A bunch of Hocus Pocus Candles and Jack o’ Lanterns Happy Halloween to all. And to all a good fright.” The Halloween celebration at TIHS was a triumphant event, uniting students, staff, Principal and esteemed members of the Management in an atmosphere filled with merriment and festivity. The auditorium underwent a remarkable transformation, turning it into an imaginative and eerie space that set the stage for a truly spooktacular experience. Throughout the hall, facilitators set up engaging trick or treat stations, while students, adorned in their creative costumes, grooved to a mix of Halloween-themed melodies and chart-topping hits. This event offered a valuable opportunity for students to forge connections, express their imaginative flair and revel in the Halloween spirit within a secure and all-encompassing environment. The Management also extended their wishes and shared treats with little munchkins celebrating the joyous festivities.


Indian Heights School