77th Independence Day Greetings to one & all

The 77th Independence Day was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm at The Indian Heights School, encapsulating the spirit of patriotism and unity. The entire campus was brimming with the spirited ethos of unity, independence, and harmony. The esteemed Chief Guest for the occasion was Major Dinesh Sharma, whose presence added an aura of honor and inspiration to the gathering. Major Dinesh Sharma, along with the school’s Chairperson, Ms. Madhu Gupta, the school Manager - Mr. Puneet Gupta, , and the Principal - Ms. Archana Narain, participated in the flag hoisting ceremony, followed by the customary releasing of the balloons, signifying hope and aspirations for a brighter future. The principal’s address was thought-provoking, focusing on the significance of unity in diversity, the benefits of focused planning, and the concept that with great power comes great responsibility. The foot-tapping patriotic song and captivating skit portraying the valiant spirit of Rani Lakshmi Bai, evoking admiration for her courage and sacrifice, won applause from all. A mesmerizing dance further added to the spectacle, depicting various chapters of India’s struggle for freedom. The tiny tots amplified the vibrancy of the whole program by depicting the slogans of the freedom fighters. The confident and articulate speeches of the head girl and head boy from both the junior and senior wings stole the hearts of the audience. The Chief Guest’s address highlighted an insightful perspective on India’s current standing and his vision for the nation’s future. His words instilled a sense of optimism and determination, motivating everyone to contribute towards the progress of the nation. The celebration concluded with the senior wing's head girl giving a vote of thanks, underscoring unity, patriotism, and progress. The Independence Day celebration was a harmonious blend of solemnity and exuberance, effectively honoring the spirit of freedom while inspiring all to work towards a better India.


Indian Heights School