Water is the elixir of life.

TIHS hosted the second chapter of Class Kaleidoscope: H2Ovation - The Essence of Existence, where Grade VI's spotlight was on the theme "Save Water." Amidst global environmental challenges, our school community united to emphasize the crucial significance of water conservation. The event featured enchanting musical performances and captivating dances woven into a theatrical masterpiece, earning much appreciation from distinguished Chief Guests Brigadier Neelesh Anand, Shaurya Chakra, Sena Medal, and Mrs. Kalpana Jha. Noteworthy guests, including Colonel Ravi Tokes, Ms. Julie Tokas, School Chairperson Ms. Madhu Gupta, Manager Mr. Puneet Gupta and Principal Ms. Archana Narain, also commended the outstanding performances and efforts of the students and staff. The Principal presented the Annual Report, highlighting the school's achievements, while Grade VI students were honored for their accomplishments in academic and co-curricular activities. As we savor the success of this moment, let's also embrace a sense of responsibility toward our environment. Together, as a cohesive school community, we have the power to make a difference and inspire others to join the journey toward a sustainable and water-conscious future.


Indian Heights School