Career-Fest 2023

Equipping and empowering the students to navigate the complex world of career options, The Indian Heights School conducted an enlightening, 'Carrer-Fest 2023', in collaboration with EduTV on November 25,2023. The event witnessed a zealous participation of university representatives from India and abroad. The day high on vibrant and informative sessions by representatives from different universities guided the learners to make the informed choices in the vast sea of careers available. The session provided a rich insight and offered a multitude of benefits to the students populace.It also acquainted the learners about valuable inputs for creating and writing a compelling and captivating SOP i.e. Statement of Purpose.The school campus also buzzed with lively interactions between the representatives and young aspirants as they gained information and valuable inputs regarding the admission process and criterion there in.The 'Career-Fest, 2023' provided valuable inputs and was indeed a rewarding experience for the students who are aspiring to explore new horizons and unveil their innate potentials.


Indian Heights School