Exploring ISKCON Temple and Sunder Nursery

TIHS is delighted to share the profound experiences from the recent school excursion to the enchanting ISKCON Temple in Greater Kailash, complemented by a captivating visit to the lush greenery of Sunder Nursery, steeped in historical significance and vibrant biodiversity. The spiritual journey offered students a unique window into the medley of India's rich cultural and religious heritage. Engaging session sparked meaningful conversations about spirituality, kindling curiosity and open-mindedness. From individual spiritual awakenings to the broader impact of cultural exploration, students embraced a diverse range of perspectives, enriching their worldview. Simultaneously, the nursery, adorned with heritage-listed Mughal-era structures, transformed into a living classroom, fostering an appreciation for the seamless intersection of nature and culture. This hands-on encounter deepened their understanding of environmental conservation and emphasized the crucial role of preserving biodiversity. The overall experience was transformative, leaving an indelible mark by instigating a spark of curiosity and fostering a newfound appreciation for India's cultural and spiritual mosaic. It beautifully encapsulated the harmonious blend of education, nature, and culture. As we reflect on this journey, we eagerly anticipate future excursions that will continue to broaden the horizons of our students, promoting a holistic approach to education.


Indian Heights School