Organization Of School

The school is a C.B.S.E affiliated  Senior Secondary recognized school. For the effective management, the school is categorized into Little Steps ( Kindergarten), Junior School and Senior School. Comprehensive education system is provided giving equal attention to physical, emotional and intellectual development of the students to make them conscientious, responsible and dynamic future citizens.
The school, nestled in the lap of nature, provides an enriching atmosphere spreading over 2 acres of land.

Little Steps (Kindergarten)
The pre-primary wing at The Indian Heights School is called Little Steps which includes Tulips ( Play group), Step I (Pre School) and Step II (Pre Primary)
We are using a play way Montessori Method where the child learns in stress free environment .  Our aim is to tingle the child’s imagination and give them  ample  opportunities  to induce their inner core.  Our facilitators guide the child without letting him feel her presence around so that she may always be ready to supply the desired help and not be an obstacle between the child and his experience.
The main focus is on building cognitive, social, motor and kinesthetic skills of children.

The ideal student teacher ratio of 15:1 adds on to the teaching learning process in making a home away from home in its true sense.
To our Little Steps students we:
Provide a safe, warm and positive environment in which each child feels secured.
Stimulated physical, emotional, social and intelligent growth of the child.
Encourage creativity and help in developing a positive self image.

Junior School
The Junior school at The Indian Heights School includes classes I to V. The school follows CCE (continuous comprehensive evaluation) guidelines for the students. The integrated academic system is devised to inculcate confidence in the child. The teachers aim to build an interactive ambience where children may freely express their own opinions. The students are assessed continuously through out the year on the basis of their class assignments ,home assignments ,co-curricular activities ,cultural activities, clubs and sports activities. A myriad selection of co-curricular activities is the part of the curriculum along with computer science, general awareness, music dance, art & craft and physical education . In class V , students have choice of French/Sanskrit. The key areas which are taken care in the Junior School are:
Learning through inquiry with focus on question driven open ended process.
Learning and discoveries through hands on activities.
Learner centric approach allowing space for learners to involve in the process of knowledge.
Focus on moral values, general awareness and life skills.

Senior School
The middle and senior school follows CBSE curriculum as per CCE guidelines. These classes are taken to be the stepping stone for higher education. The academic curriculum hence is designed to instill a healthy respect for hard work and to develop sound formal study skills. The students are prepared for the rigorous academic requirements of the senior school, they are encouraged to do individual and group work, and become independent .Public speaking is encouraged, along with independent research work, as such activities help the students to gain confidence and push their boundaries of knowledge even further. Stress is given to discipline and punctuality. Activities such as conferences, debates, field trips, counseling sessions and personality development workshops have thus been designed to promote self awareness, development and understanding along with the emphasis on the subjects like languages, mathematics, science, social science and foreign languages. Co-curricular and Extra Curricular activities like dance drama, music, creative writing, elocution , physical education, work experience, computer science form an integral part of the curriculum.

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