Pink Color Day Celebrations

Pink symbolizes youth, good health, and playfulness. It’s the flush of first fondness and stands for nurturing feminity. The impact of the colour Pink kindles friendship, harmony, and affection. Colours add zest and vibrancy to our lives. Pink resonates with the same spirit and that’s why this was the chosen colour of the month. The students of Little Steps participated enthusiastically in the Pink Day celebrations on February 14, 2023. Adorning their pretty pink-coloured outfits, they spoke ardently about their favourite pink objects and toys. The tiny tots enjoyed watching rhymes and videos blending with the colour theme. The importance and affinity towards using pink as a colour was fostered, as the tiny tots participated in a variety of hands-on activities such as hand painting and origami craft activity. Drawing a bright flamingo using colour-mixing skills and making a boat using an origami sheet enabled them to understand the composition of the colour Pink. The Head Mistress, Ms Meghana Dungrakoti complimented the children on their stupendous efforts and stressed the importance of the colour Pink in our lives. The young enthusiasts thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and simultaneously gathered a deeper understanding of the aesthetics of pink colour. It was indeed a visual treat to witness the little ones dancing and glowing in the pink hue. Thus, the purpose of celebrating Pink colour day was a huge success.