International Day of Happiness

Pencils-tiny, erasers-flat, glue-empty, folders-fat, crayons-broken, memories-forever, year-complete, dear teacher- I am out of here!

This was exactly the feeling when we met our little shining stars for one last time as they proceed to take the next step in the educational journey. On successful completion of this academic year, our little kindergarteners of Step 1 are all set with flying colors to soar while achieving the next milestone. We at TIHS ensured that they had a memorable time spending their final day in Step-I. The day was celebrated with much fervor and zeal as they swayed around on foot-tapping numbers, participated in sports activities, and enjoyed the day with their friends on the swings collecting joyful memories. Coincidently, it happens to be the International Day of Happiness that leveled up the excitement and pompous times manifold. The students as well as the teachers were filled with nostalgia as they took back a heart full of memories of the first year of schooling at TIHS! We can’t wait to see them blossom at the campus and reach soaring heights in the future!