Genesis of Genius

‘Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.’

‘Genesis of Genius’ is an initiative taken by The Indian Heights School to up skill its students with 21st century skills through creative power, mathematical genius and some other exceptional activities. It has been a joy ride for the students who were taken for small visit to the nearby garden. They swirled and twirled in an energising song and played around the garden. They learnt about flora and fauna around them and explored their innate creativity while enhancing their naturalistic skills. The School Headmistress and the facilitators were also seen daunting their naturalistic side with the kids as they enunciated the importance of outdoor play in the academic journey. Back at the classroom, they learnt ABACUS techniques by an expert. For the students of Grade VI-VIII to dive deep into the concept, a Vedic Maths session was conducted by a renowned Vedic instructor from a renowned institute.The session aimed at introducing the students to various Vedic Maths techniques which included basic arithmetic operations, squaring, cubing and finding square roots. The expert demonstrated each technique with the help of examples. Truly, an enriching and invigorating time that they witnessed!