Happy Labour Day

A worker is a creator and
a great asset to every nation

Today is the day to honour the contributions that workers have made to our society and recognize the importance of fair labour practices for a better future.
The school conducted a card-making activity for the students on this occasion that was warmly received by the ground staff. A special assembly was also conducted by the students on this remarkable occasion. The students through their melodious songs and poetic expressions paid a humble ode to the spirit of fulfilling their duty with a smile. The School Headmistress presided over the assembly and in her address expressed her gratitude to the community and motivated students to be respectful to every individual around them as “None could be little (less important) or smaller nor bigger” (than you or others) The School Management also extended their wishes and organised a feast for them. The Management and principal of the Indian Heights School extend heartfelt appreciation and respect to the workers across every field on this great day. Happy Labour Day!