Skill Targeted Activities And Results

Educational Trip to Bharat Darshan Park

The Indian Heights School with a vision to provide futuristic learning focuses on sustainable education and experiential learning as a core elements of its curriculum. The school organized an educational trip to Bharat Darshan Park on February 11, 2023 for the students of class VI to IX. The park with its multi- faceted learning outcomes provides a rich glimpse into country’s rich cultural heritage as 22 replicas of historical monuments such as Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal, Char Minar, Gateway of India, Konark Temple, Mysore Palace, Meenakshi Temple, Hampi, Victoria Memorial, Sanchi Stupa, Gol Gumbaz, Azanta & Ellora Caves, Hawa Mahal, Khajuraho Temple, Nalanda University, Junagarh Fort, Tawang Gate, Rameswaram, Dwarkadhish, Jagannath Puri, Odhisha are created by transforming waste products. The 22 replicas are constructed with 350 tonnes of scrap material, like old vehicles, fans, iron rods, angles and pipes, cycle forks, tyre rims, gears, gas cylinders, car steering and gates, fuel tanks, electric poles, gas stoves , nuts and bolts to name a few that were unused/left at the SDMC stores or other places. The students along with teachers learned a lot about the world heritage sites across the length and breadth of the nation as every replica displayed the information about the original monument and replica. The rich information about the replica covered aspects like the dimensions of the replica, waste material used, process in the making in both English and Hindi language for the visitors to read and learn. The trip to Bharat Darshan Park reiterated the concepts of sustainable life habits amongst students as electricity is generated from solar and wind energies at the park to meet the power demand. With five solar trees and a solar rooftop having capacity to produce 84 KW electricity, the students learnt a lot about conservation and resource management. Amidst the lush green trees , every corner and replica was a sight to behold. High on Art integration, the visit to Bharat Darshan Park indeed supplemented and strengthened an aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual learning experience to all.

Cooking Club Culmination @ Primary Wing TIHS

At the Primary Wing of TIHS, it is our endeavour to make students learn all life skills. Clubs are vivid platform where learners not only refine their skills but also get a chance to Innovate. The Flameless Cooking Club forms an integral component of extra-curricular activities. The Club is in session every Thursday and the members — our little chefs —are baptised into the world of cooking as they imbibe basic culinary etiquettes and learn to make dishes without using the fire. They are familiarised with various culinary tools and appliances as well as the distinct styles of cooking. The Club had its Culmination Assembly on Tuesday for the session 2022-23. The students presented their year-long learning through a beautiful presentation and emphasised the omnipresent 4H learning@TIHS in their club. The School Headmistress, Ms Meghana Dungrakoti appreciated their efforts and reiterated the virtue of being grateful for the hardwork that goes into cooking. She further emphasized that cooking as a time consuming art strengthens the values like patience and endurance and that those who cook at home; be it mothers, grandmothers or servants, shoulder a great responsibility. Ma’am also pointed that how the 9 Multiple Intelligences are applied at various clubs in the school that allow us to explore endless possibilities. The School Principal, Ms Archana Narain also addressed the students and motivated them stating that clubs hone innovation and activities like Flameless Cooking trigger the creative and innovative streaks amongst learners. Ma’am also mentioned that with a little passion and dedication towards the activities combined with aid from facilitators can transform kids into prodigious individuals of tomorrow.

Bid Adieu to the Outgoing Batch of 2022-23

The ceremonious Farewell to bid adieu to the outgoing batch of 2022-23 was organised by the students of class XI on February 4, 2023.The radiant and spectacular show was adorned as the students of class XII came beautifully attired in accordance with the theme of the day ‘Pirates of the Hearts’. The day commenced on a note of gratitude as the outgoing batch presented their tokens of gratitude to the school and the other dignitaries. The momentous occasion high on scintillating song and dance performances was regaled by one and all. Exciting fun games kept the momentum rolling as each presentation received cheers and applaud from everyone. The teachers showered their blessings on the outgoing batch and the students gave heart-warming valedictory speeches as they recounted their school experiences in emotional and nostalgic overtones. An emotional yet beautiful video reminisced the joyous moments of the years spent together with peers and teachers. The highlight of the day, the ramp walk witnessed the students put their best foot forward followed by some witty and candid answers in the QA round to claim the coveted titles. Jianna Thomas and Srijan Mahajan were adjudged Ms. TIHS and Mr.TIHS- 2022-23. The outgoing batch was felicitated with mementoes by the school Principal Ms Archana Narain as a token of remembrance. In her motivating and illuminating address, she showered her blessings on the students and wished them to attain greater heights. She reminded them that the school has empowered them with right tools and knowledge to brave a new world outside the school portal and as 21st learners, they must value the onus of taking a responsibility and fulfilling it to the best. The day concluded with a ceremonious lunch. Before the emotional goodbyes, students also got the chance to tap their foot on the dance floor with their peers and teachers.

Bharat Darshan Park Educational Trip

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”

Every educational trip comes across as an in-depth learning experience. The students of Little Steps and Primary Wing of The Indian Heights School explored Bharat Darshan Park during such an educational trip. The opulent structures were magnificently an art of ‘waste to wonder’. The students and facilitators had a fun filled learning experience. The various monument replicas like Taj Mahal, Victoria Palace, Meenakshi Temple were a sight to behold. The immaculately made structures were insightful and provided ample of knowledge. The school management always ensures that learning never takes a back seat and therefore, such trips are planned centralising the idea of learning outside the realms of classroom boundaries. The students’ joy is always infectious and they painted the town red with their smiles and laughter. The Junior Student Council extended their regard and gratitude to school management on behalf of the entire Primary Wing for such an experience.

MindWars Quiz

The Indian Heights School organized a vibrant quiz on February 7,2023 for the students of classes VI to IX in collaboration with MindWars, nation\'s largest quiz platform under the aegis of Zee News. Level-1, the written test opened to all the students was conducted wherein 12 participants as team of six, made it to Level-2. The quiz comprised of four rounds, with Round-I and Round-II as General Question Answer , Round-III as Progressive Clues and Round-IV as Wipe Out Round.Each round had nine categories,namely\'History and Politics\', \'Geography\',Sports\', \'Language and Literature\',\'Current Affairs\', \'Business and Finance\', \'Entertainment\', \'Science\' and \'Art and Culture\'which each of the team could choose to answer the questions. Quiz Master , Aman Chaudhary briefed the rules of challenging rounds and the teams tussled through to bag the coveted positions. Audience Round witnessed an overwhelmed participation as the enthusiastic students answered every question correct. Each response in the quiz received cheers and applause. The participants displayed good sportive spirit and indepth knowledge as they aptly managed well chiselled skills like team work, problem solving and decision making along with time management. The quiz was indeed a rewarding learning experience for everyone.


The Primary Wing of The Indian Heights School observed the Road Safety Week to create awareness amongst students regarding traffic rules. The underlying theme was to reduce casualties of road accidents and stay alert and alive. A campaign in the form of ‘Nukkad Natak’ was taken out by students of class V children to create awareness. The Students pledged to create awareness, did a mock drill and role play activity and also made beautiful and motivational slogans and posters and a special assembly was also conducted to conclude the week long celebrations. The Students participated enthusiastically and the efforts were also encouraged by everyone. The headmistress of the school, Ms Meghana Dungrakoti also sensitised the students on road safety and reiterated that life is precious so we must be extra conscious while on road.

Makar Sankranti Celebrations @ TIHS

The school grounds wore a festive look with colourful kites and zestful orientation session on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti. The Students participated enthusiastically in various sports activities specially organized by team TIHS, which was followed by a fun-filled kite-flying competition. The food stalls laid out delectables that were enjoyed by one and all. A quick Orientation Session was led by the dynamic Headmistress Ms. Meghna Dungrakoti as she apprised the new parent fraternity about the school\'s offerings, educational pedagogies and the diverse environment that the school boasts of. She initiated the discussion around “What to Expect” and inducted the integration of new members into cultural and academic environment of the school. Looking at the gleaming eyes of the little stars and the overwhelming response of the parents, the evening saw a beautiful closing with a heart-warming session with parents. The parents wholeheartedly appreciated the efforts of the school and enjoyed the sports activities and the kite flying along with their little ones. At TIHS, we value our parent fraternity, as we do our young talent- celebrations and evenings like these are specially curated to keep the bond growing from strength to strength.

Middle Wing of the school celebrated Fourth Bagless Day

The Middle Wing of the school celebrated fourth bagless day in alignment with NEP guidelines and fostering wholesome learning.Post pandemic the importance of keeping oneself healthy coupled with good hygiene has become of paramount importance. An invigorating session emphazing on importance of good health and hygiene was conducted by Dr. Aayushi Rathi, a well renowned doctor at Manipal hospital. Continuing this health trip, it was time to refine young minds with analytical skills. A session on Vedic Mathematics tips and tricks was conducted by Pratham Group and followed by role play by the students from classes VI to VIII of their favourite Mathematician. The day concluded with students penning down the reflection of the day and a worksheet to recapitulate learning of the day.

Mathematics Activity by Middle Wing

Mathematics is a fundamental part of human thought and logic, and integral to attempts at understanding the world and ourselves. The activities in Mathematics help students to analyse and use key concepts of the subject in real life. Students of Middle Wing were engaged in an activity where they made 3 D figures and angles using origami sheets and ice cream sticks. The immersive activity helped to develop creativity, critical thinking and innovation. SDGs 2030 covered comprised of Goal no. 4 Quality Education and Goal no. 9 Innovation and Infrastructure. The engaging activity indeed rendered a joyous and personalized learning experience to the students.

Battle of Bands organized by Torrins

A moment of immense pride and elation for the TIHS family. Our budding instrumentalist, Pratham Dangwal of class IX-D, has been awarded as the ‘Best Keyboard Player ’ in North India Region Finals, \'Battle of Bands\'organized by Torrins. Heartiest congratulations to the young musical prodigy.


The students of Class XII attended \'AVENUES 2022\' - the Annual Career Fair at Maxfort School, Dwarka. The event provided an opportunity to the students to get acquainted with the much needed guidance and support to plan their career. The school principal Ms Priyanka Bhatkoti, in her welcome note, encouraged the students by focusing on \"Common Sense x Common Practice\" and motivated them to prepare both Plan A and Plan B as their possible career pathways. Representatives from well known universities like University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Manav Rachna University, FLAME University, IILM University, Shiv Nadar University, World University of Design, Rishihood University, Ashoka University and KR Mangalam University - provided students a glance on the best career options and courses available post their senior secondary graduation. Lt. Col. Arun Tiwari, graced the occasion and discussed the importance, eligibility and selection criteria for the Armed Forces. The overall experience to the career fair was informative and enriching as the students thoroughly enjoyed and learned from each session and interaction.

RoboFest at TIHS

The budding programers of the Middle Wing and Senior Wing displayed their innovative skills as they participated in Robo Fest held in school on  October 01, 2022.Exhibiting creativity at it\'s best, the students  worked on various aspects of the project. They did  programming and coding for the robot. They also  assembled the hardware and designed the working models for different robots. An informative slide share further supported the presentation of the project. The fest witnessed enthusiastic visitors comprising of parents and students who appreciated the strenuous efforts of students culminating into a creative  confluence of  Man and Machine.

Poshan Maah

A healthy citizen is an important asset for the country. A well nourished citizen  contributes towards a building a healthy nation. The month of  September  was celebrated as \'Poshan Maah\' by the Middle Wing to convey the importance of good health and  well being . A panoply of intra-class activities in, planned at various levels reiterated the relevance of  healthy and  nourished food.  Class VI made a Rangoli on good health and wellness where they made intrinsic beautiful  designs by using various nutrients as their inspiration. Students of class VII decorated and formed a  vision health statement, a step towards healthy and nutritive  future. These activities not just help students share their concerns about almaring health issues but also develop leadership skills and group dynamics.  Class VIII students, made a meal card where they shared the nutritive value of various ingredients highlighting their importance in food. Initiating their commitment to eat a  healthy diet, the  students took a pledge to keep themselves well nourished and spread the message of healthy eating among their friends and family.

Nature Club Activity @TIHS

The Nature Walk activity conducted on September 9, 2022, helped the tiny tots to explore the idea of responding to the environment by observing nature. ildren were taken around the school ground & garden area. The facilitators encouraged them to observe the plants & their surroundings. They observed birds, butterflies & other insects. The nature walk broadened their knowledge and gave them first-hand familiarity with herbs, shrubs and trees. Children were told about the importance of sunlight for all living beings & also about green friends as they help to keep our environment clean by purifying the air and giving us oxygen to survive. It was an enriching activity for them and they came back rejuvenated.

Dramaturgy Club @ TIHS

Dramaturgy Club @ TIHS
We all must undertake theatre; to find out who we are and discover who we can be! Clubs are an essential element of academia in the Primary wing of TIHS. Theatre is a visual medium and today’s students are visual learners, it is a great idea to incorporate non-verbal communication exercises into the programme.
Various activities were conducted in the Dramaturgy club of Primary Wing today:

a)Gesture list: The students were asked to communicate without words using some common gestures.They were divided into groups and each group came up with as many ways of non verbal communicate in 1 minute.(eg:shrug,make a face,smile,wink etc)

b) Silent Scene: During the course of this activity the students were divided into pairs. Each pair created a scene. Neither person in scene talks. All communication was non-verbal. The audience guessed the content of the scene without any dialogue to help.

The main aim of today’s session was to make students aware and reflect upon the use of body language when interacting with others or addressing the audience.
The School Headmistress, Ms Meghana Dungrakoti appreciated the efforts of the facilitators and the club members and encouraged them to do small things differently in order to stand apart as Heightians.

Life Skills@PrimaryTIHS

Life Skills at Primary Wing of TIHS began with an interesting take on rapport building with peers and facilitators in the school premises. The Life Skill trainer indulged the students in a plethora of activities and real life situations imparting values and virtues important from the perspective of 21st century education. We postulate in holistic development of our young learners and therefore, lay emphasis on 4H of Learning to raise well-rounded and future ready citizens of tomorrow. After all, what we learn with fun, we never forget!

Honoring and understanding Dignity of Labour

Moral education helps one to distinguish between right and wrong. It gets reflected in one\'s personality. In accordance to CBSE, every month one value should be inculcated in students through fun and constructive activities. In the month of May 2022, Dignity of Labour was the value of the month. Accordingly the students were apprised about how helping others is one of the ways that people create, maintain, and strengthen their social connections. To inculcate the value, the activities were conducted every week, as they gradually move from interpersonal to community, to national level and finally to global level hence inculcating accountability and displaying the holistic growth of the learners. Developing the value in right spirit, in the first week, the students were engaged in making an Appreciation Card for the helpers. Honing the critical thinking, in the second week, the students wrote about how they helped the people who needed help. It was heartening to see students with their contributing and caring attitude for these people. The third week activity focused on Slogan Writing on dignity of labour. The activity in the fourth week writing a poem dedicated to helpers and labour around them. The activities each week not just helped students in exploring new habits but also strengthened the 4Cs i.e. Creative, Critical, Communication and Collaborative skills thereby supplementing and strengthening 21st century skills that will further mould the students into confident citizens. Intact with Sustainable Development Goals, the students also learnt about helping others, respecting them and ensuring well being of everyone around.

Bagless Day

What\'s a better way to start your vacation, then a bagless day. On the onset of summer break a day full of  fun filled learning activities was organised for students of classes VI-VIII. The New Education  Policy 2020, has implemented a constructive  and revolutionary learning programme in the schools called \"Bagless Day\". The idea of bagless day is to encourage children to enhance their knowledge through extra curricular activities. Middle wing conducted numerous activities to make the learning fun filled. The day started with an energizing centralized assembly. The first activity was the Flameless Cooking  in which students prepared flameless dishes, desserts and drinks under the observation of class teachers. Mr Rajesh Jha, school coordinator judged the teams in each class on the basis of table presentation, taste and team work. This was followed by Skill Bazar where each class discussed their hand made projects for the charity. Next ,the students were engaged to learn about the sacrifice and valour if freedom  fighters where they watched a short documentary  on India\'s struggle for freedom which sparked with the Revolt of 1857 to the long journey of achievements of freedom on August 15, 1947. The next innovative activity was the Paper Bag Making in which students made attractive and colourful paper bags decorated with yoga postures. The second bagless day ended with a bag full of good memories and experiential learnings.

Bagless Day

Summertime is always the best of what might be. It is the time for some fun and frolic and ensuring that we engage in multiple activities that rekindle are innate innovation and potential. The Primary Wing of The Indian Heights School observed a Bagless Day’; A day with rich confluence of activities just before they go for the Summer Break. Witnessing an enthusiastic response and participation, the students indulged in Lemonade making Activity, the best way to beat the heat! Another highlight was the Documentary Screening-The Life of Gautama Buddha. The children were engaged in an artistic endeavour that fostered their creative spirit by drawing ‘How I would spend my Summertime’. They also had an enriching workshop presided by the School Counsellor who enunciated the Healthy Habits we must follow. They also had some fun filled games in class with the facilitators that were thoughtful and entertaining. The dose of some physical activities was also added to the wholesome day. The School Management ,the Principal and the Headmistress encouraged the students to enhance their skill set by engaging in meaningful activities at home and enjoying the break to the fullest.

Fit As A Fiddle week

Fruits hold an imperative role in our dietary needs. They are not only a source of great nutritional value, but also occupy a pivotal place because of minimum preparation and vast popularity amongst all age group. With this notion, the children of Little Steps, in the Pre-Primary Wing at The Indian Heights School whole-heartedly participated in the ‘Fruit-Chaat’ making activity. The students carried a seasonal fruit of their choice and curated an artisanal wholesome fruit bowl, which was served fresh and relished by the tiny tots. The facilitators reiterated the significance of incorporating fruits as a part of their daily meal intake, synonymous with the ‘Fit As A Fiddle’ week. The Headmistress of the School, Ms. Meghana Dungrakoti motivated the budding learners to eat better and healthier. She imparted information on the role played by fresh fruit preparations, in the growth and development of human bodies. The School Management and the Principal also extended their wishes to everyone observing the ‘Health is Wealth’ Week.

Fit As A Fiddle

On April 8, Friday, the students of Class V of the Primary wing hosted the assembly. The theme, ‘Fit As A Fiddle’ was chosen as a part of the ongoing weekly celebrations. Healthy eating habits and fitness tips were shared by the students to enhance the learning of the children. The Headmistress, Ms Meghana Dungrakoti presided over the assembly and addressed the entire gathering with her pearls of wisdom. She disseminated information on the importance of maintaining a healthy routine and building endurance continuously. The assembly culminated on a positive note.

Fourth Bagless Day

\"Education helps us get exposure to new ideas and concepts that one can use to appreciate and improve the world around and the world within.\"

The Middle Wing of the school celebrated fourth bagless day on December 21, 2022 in alignment with NEP guidelines and fostering wholesome learning.Post pandemic the importance of keeping oneself healthy coupled with good hygiene has become of paramount importance. An invigorating session emphazing on importance of good health and hygiene was conducted by Dr. Aayushi Rathi, a well renowned doctor at Manipal hospital. Continuing this health trip, it was time to refine young minds with analytical skills. A session on Vedic Mathematics tips and tricks was conducted by Pratham Group and followed by role play by the students from classes VI to VIII of their favourite Mathematician. The day concluded with students penning down the reflection of the day and a worksheet to recapitulate learning of the day.

Bidding Adieu to the batch 2019-20

The school hosted a farewell get- together to ceremonially bid adieu to the outgoing batch of 2019-20 on Monday, December 30, 2019. Students of class XI put up a spectacular show.The students of class XII came formally attired inaccordance with the theme ‘Expectation verses Reality’. Students of class XI gave scintillating song and dance performances. Some exciting games and riddles got everyone involved. The teachers showered their blessings on the outgoing batch and the students gave heart-warming valedictory speeches as they recounted their school experiences in an emotional and nostalgic overtone. A beautiful video was played to reminisce joyous moments of the years spent together with peers and teachers. The students put their best foot forward and gave some witty and candid answers in the question and answer round to claim the coveted titles.Aprajita Negi and Himalaya Sharma were adjudged Ms TIHS and Mr TIHS. The school Principal Ms. Archana Narain felicitated the outgoing batch with gifts, souvenirsand mementoes followed by a photo session.  In her motivating and heart touching address, she showered her blessings on the students, wishing them to attain greater heights as they step out of the portals of the school to chase their dreams and aspirations. The students from class XII also presented their token of remembrance to the school management and school principal. The day concluded with a ceremonious  lunch. Before the emotional goodbyes, students also got the chance to tap their foot on the dance floor with their peers and teachers.

Rangelia - An Inter-House Colouring Competiton


The blooming artists of Little Steps enthusiastically participated in an Inter House Colouring Competition- RANGELIA on October 23, 2019. Students from all the four Houses- Manas, Siddhant, Prayas and Sanskar  exhibited the true motto of their respective House by zestfully splashing the colours of creativity and imagination on the given sheet.  Completing the colouring sheet gave them a sense of accomplishment and instilled in them the House spirit. The Judges and teachers appreciated the efforts of the tiny tots who equally enjoyed  this colouing competition

Design is intelligence made visible

Every child is a born artist however they just require an opportune moment to display their skills and talent.  On October 4, 2019  the students of class I to V got one such chance to turn their inner Picasso on through aT-shirt Designing competition. They made some artistic designs using different patterns, shapes and colours on the theme of ‘Swach Bharat’ on the T-shirt cutouts provided to them. This activity aimed to hone their creative, imaginative, thinking  and psycho-motor   skills. The students thoroughly enjoyed this artilicious session and had great fun while creating their self-designs.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Community service is the greatest deed performed for any human for another human. As India celebrates 150th birth anniversary of M  K Gandhi, it is also imperative to spread his ideologies among the children/students for creating a prosperous nation. Align to the same thought, the students of class I-V participated in a class cleaning activity with an objective to clear every nook and corner of their school and raise awareness about ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. Furthermore, this activity helped in collaborative learning, hone their psychomotor skills and appreciate the concept of ‘dignity of labour’

An Eco- Rakhi Making Activity

An Eco- Rakhi Making Activity was organized for the students of Little Steps & Primary Wing  students on Friday, 9 August, 2019. It was truly a delight to watch the young hands of our little artisans who were putting intricate materials together and fondly fiddled with mirrors, ornaments, adhesive etc. to deliver beautiful and extremely creative masterpieces. A warm smile and abundant of joy could be seen on each face while designing their rakhis. These precious handcrafted rakhis will be sent to the borders for our revered soldiers.

Investiture - Ceremony

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”

The morning of July17, 2019 dawned as a red letter day for the Indian Heights School, for on this day the newly elected members of the student council for the primary and senior wing invested to their office. The day commenced with the auspicious lighting of the lamp ceremony. The school choir through the rendition of the song, ‘Sunlight Breaking through the Trees’ welcomed everyone for their blessed presence. Through dance performance, the students enthralled everyone present. The school auditorium resonated with thunderous applause as the young office bearers marched forward with dignified steps and firm pace to be felicitated with the badge of responsibility. The student council stood with pride in their crisp uniform and face brimming with confidence as the school Principal Ms Archana Narain pinned the badges and bestowed the mantle of responsibilities. In her address, she emphasized the need to be strong and persistent to chase, attain one’s goals, objectives and dreams. The students of the Primary and Senior wing took the oath to serve their office with dignity, commitment and complete dedication. The school management also congratulated the new office bearers. The ceremony concluded with the rendition of the national anthem.

Special Assembly

“It’s a new day, new energy, new ideas and it’s time to bring in some sunshine to let each face shine with energy in a special way”

School Bells Ringing Again!

The grounds of TIHS was pulsating with fresh energy and vigour on July 8, 2019 as after enjoying the extended summer holidays, Heightians, brimming with joy & excitement entered the portals of the school. Students were given a hearty welcome by their facilitators through a Special Assembly and a welcome song dedicated to them. It is aptly said that the beauty of a school is enhanced only through the hustle and bustle of sound created by the little feet’s of the students who enter the premises and fill it with electrical energy that permeates through the walls of the school. This energy , laughter and excitement was missing in every corner of the school during the vacation. The school Principal, Ms. Archana Narain, in her addressal shared how she missed the students throughout the summer break, and it brings her immense joy so see them back to school. She reiterated the importance of preparing well for their upcoming assessments and wished them luck for the same. Students were overjoyed to meet their friends and teachers and were all set for the new spell after the refreshing  break.

‘Yoga and Meditation†Session

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”
The TIHS fraternity had a soulful enrichening session after summer vacation as they attended an inspiring and resounding Yoga session on July 4,2019, organised under the aegis of Isha Foundation. The beautiful session for students and teachers commenced with an informative slide share as it unfolded the origin of Yoga, benefits of Yoga and meditation in the daily routine by Sadhguru.
The highlight of the session was Upa Yoga where the teachers and students were acquainted with the seven important aspects namely Yoga for Health, Yoga for Success, for Peace, for Joy, for Inner Exploration, for Love and for well being. The calm and peaceful postures or asanas were easily performed by all and elevated everyone present. The school Principal Ms. Archana Narain lauded the efforts made by Isha Foundation to bring global harmony and a committed environment / atmosphere. It was a indeed a rewarding session as it rejuvenated everyone with boundless energy coupled with exuberant enthusiasm.

TIHS Organized a Book Fair

‘Book is a dream that you hold in your hands’

To unlock this dream world TIHSorganized a Book Fair from May 14, 2019 to May 17, 2019 for the students of classes Little Steps to VIII.  The Fair proved to be a perfect gateway in inculcating reading habit among minds as the students had access to the variety of books under one roof.  The Book Fair on all the three days saw a huge footfall of the students and parents thereby making it a grand success.

Workshop on Robotics (VI – X)

“ Its important that we expose our children to Programming or Logic Building at a young age.”

The students from classes VI to X attended an informative workshop on Roboticson26 April,2019. The workshop was incredible as the students learnt about amazing world of  robotics. The workshop acquainted the learners with the ideas, material and hands-on experience about  the robotics. The students were briefed about various levels and how thae various manual  games can be automated through gadgets to cherish their dreams. The workshop was a rich learning experience to create and design robots with new assembled gadgets and perform new unexplored tasks. The students participated with lot of enthusiasm in the workshop and now look forward to make their dreams come true.

Headgear Making Competition-‘Let the Birds Fly Freely’

The Indian Heights School ensures that our students get ample opportunities to speak their mind and get sensitized towards critical issues such as environmental degradation. To kick start the ‘Nurture Nature, Save Future Week’ students of classes I-V enthusiastically participated in Headgear Making Competition-‘Let the Birds Fly Freely’ on April 16,2019This event was dedicated to spread awareness about the ecosystem we live in and hone public speaking, analytical skills and confidence among  our students. Beautiful handmade headgears using eco-friendly material were brought by the students. It had short slogans, pictures of birds, trees, and mother earth etc. creatively displayed on it. The students spoke their heart out by using slogans, short recitals and handy tips on saving nature thus reinstating that they truly are the green goodwill ambassadors.

Drawing Competition

Creativity is as important in education as literacy.

The aim of education remains incomplete if it doesn’t support the flight of imagination and creativity in students. Every child is an individual, an artist, a creator who possesses infinite inventive talent within him. It is an obligation of the society, school, and parents to give vent to it by providing suitable platform. Keeping this in view, a Drawing Competition was organised on April 10, 2019 for the students of Primary Wing on the topic: ‘Sharing Is Caring’. The students used beautiful hues of colours to create exemplary sketches/pictures in their art files. Their talent seemed infinite as they expressed their imagination on the given topic in a unique way. The students were judged on the parameters of overall presentation, creativity/originality and relevance to the topic etc.To conclude, it was a celebration of art and oodles of talent at school today.